Wholeness Chronicles:Journey of Renewed Radiance
The Wonderful World to Come

The Wonderful World to Come

The pages of history have recorded man’s insatiable quest for the perfect Utopian society. For thousands of years we have looked for a place of peace and tranquility. Now it is time to stop looking and start planning. It is now time to start planning to be a part of The Wonderful World To Come. The Wonderful World will be without crime, without wars,without corruption, and without the evil that is present in today’s world .You need only to look at the present barometer of humanity and tell it is sliding to a massive crashing conclusion. Events are happening exactly as Jesus Christ said they would. Prophecies fulfilling

Nations are rising against nations. Kingdoms are fighting against Kingdoms. There famines, pestilence,pandemics, fatal diseases. We all now of earthquakes all over. )(Mathew 24:7) states the above. We can see for ourselves the present world crises.

There is a new world coming! Over 2,000 years ago, Apostle John, writing in exhile on the Isle of Patmos, had a dream from God.In recording this Revelation from God,John wrote ” I saw a new heaven and a NEW EARTH,for the first heaven and earth were passed away…..(Revelation:21:1) “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes,there shall be no more death,no more pain: for the former things are passed away” . (Revelation:21:4) .Sounds like Utopia

God’s First Order Of Business, before He restores the earth to it’s original beauty,splendor and tranquility. He must eradicate all evil and diabolical forces that now inhabitants earth. Satan, the prince of this earth must be imprisoned for a thousand years without parole.

Satan will be bound by God with chains and cast down into a bottomless pit. The door will be shut on him and a seal will be placed upon him,that he should never deceive the nations of this world again. Satan will remain imprisoned for one thousand years without parole. (Revelation 20:1-3) .

Immediately after Satan is placed in a state where he cannot interfere or deceive man anymore, Jesus will begin a total eradication of all the lies ,corruption, false religions ,cults. Jesus will begin to re-educate the world. What a wonderful world that will be, when Satan,the tempter is jailed. All God’s laws, instructions and governments that as been taught to us will be followed and strictly observed. All rebellion and enemies to God will be put under the conquering foot of Jesus Christ,so that God may be all in all as before the rebellion of satan and his followers. (1 Corinthians 15:24-28; Hebrews 2:7-9; Ephesians 1:10).

This world’s last crisis will be faced after one thousand years of Jesus’s perfect rule. Satan will be released from prison ,he as now served his sentence .He will be unleashed to roam about in the world again, he will begin to do what he has always done :DECEIVE THE NATIONS! Many underestimate the satanic power of satan today, that could be their first and last fatal mistake.

After serving his one thousand years in prison, his deception will be so strong than before that he will now have gathered followers as the sand of the sea from the four quarters of the world. (Revelation 20:8). He and his followers will attack God’s people left on earth and the beloved city of Jerusalem. But thanks,for in the book of Revelation 20:9 ,tells us that fire came down from God out of the heaven and devoured all the followers of Satan.