Day of Celebrating Strenght Determination and Resilience.
Day of Celebrating Strenght Determination and Resilience.

Day of Celebrating Strenght Determination and Resilience.

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November, a cool month, a month of changes, awareness, gratitude,remembrance,thanksgiving and celebration.Today is World Diabetes Day!

It is managing a life that balances healthy choices, managing blood sugar levels, exercising and getting adequate amount of sleep.

We remember today to celebrate, honor and pray for people who bravely continue on their life experiences with much strength,determination and resilience against diabetes (a thorn in the flesh “). They continue to serve in their respective roles and jobs although at times feeling challenged in their body.

It’s important today and every day to highlight the importance of understanding, supporting, managing,doing more in research and treatments. Its a time to spread,awareness knowledge, and support for people worldwide who have been affected by diabetes (“thorn in flesh”) that they can live and have a fulfilling well-being. Including children and pets.

This November 14th 2023 World Diabetes Day . Let’s remember and continue to spread awareness creating communities including places of employment,church, family and friends of understanding and supporting World Diabetes Day of togetherness.

Check with your physician,take your medication eat and heal. Avoid stressful situations and people. Remembering what God said to Apostle Paul in scripture above or you can use the principle and be grateful and encouraged and strengthen in your life experience with diabetes. Until then!


  1. ROYAL

    “Exercise and diet can help prevent or even totally reverse metabolic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease – only thing is, you’ve got to catch them young… You know, while these conditions are still of ‘impressionable minds’!”

    If you’re fortunate enough to detect diabetes at an early age, do everything you can to prevent it from remaining until your old age.

    The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise.”

    Nothing beats a dose of good diet, physical activity, and nature.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have Type 2 and it does feel like a thorn in the flesh sometimes. By God’s grace with outstanding coaches, dietitian and exercise my A1C continues to decrease. Have a great day.

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