The Wise Judgement Of King Solomon Revealed Truth & Nothing But Truth.
The Wise Judgement Of King Solomon Revealed Truth & Nothing But Truth.

The Wise Judgement Of King Solomon Revealed Truth & Nothing But Truth.

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The Dispute Between Two Mothers.

The Story of King Solomon’s wisdom in handling the dispute between two prostitute mothers found in the Book of 1Kings :3:16-28 in Old Testament. This passage recounts the incident when two mothers came to King Solomon with one dead infant and the other one alive, each mother claiming to be the mother of the surviving infant. It shows how King Solomon in his wisdom and discernment resolved the case.

Tradegy Struck One Fateful Night.

In the ancient city of Jerusalem lived two women,prostitutes who shared the similar fate that they both gave birth to baby boys within days of each other. However one fateful night as they both slept soundly beside their babies tragedy struck. One of babies died, mother carelessly sleeping and overlaid him. She woke up found the baby dead then did a switch with the other woman’s baby as she sleeps. Here comes the great dispute and claim now.

Both Mothers Claiming The Living Baby.

Both mothers claimed the living baby as their own. Needless to say that this led to a very heated dispute. The matter was brought before King Solomon, who was renowned for his wisdom and discernment.

The Hearing.

On hearing their stories and pleas, King Solomon came up with a clever plan to uncover the truth. He proposed to split the living baby ìn two with the intention to give half to each mother. One mother readily anxiously agreed, but the other in the most selfless act of a mother’s love cried and begged King Solomon to spare the child’s life and give him to the other woman who is claiming to be his mother.

The Revelation Of The Mother.

It was this display of genuine maternal love and sacrifice that revealed the rightful mother of the baby. King Solomon, recognizing the dept of her love and her genuine claim declared her the rightful mother of the child and returned her child alive to her. The King’s decision spread far and wide showcasing not only his judicial discernment but also is profound understanding of human nature love.

This story and verdict became a timeless symbol of wisdom, understanding, genuine love, justice and selfless.


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