Mouth-Tongue-Ears:Body-Mind  Connection.
Mouth-Tongue-Ears:Body-Mind Connection.

Mouth-Tongue-Ears:Body-Mind Connection.

Communication & Material Consumption.


The mouth is used to voice your positions and thoughts about particular things or situations, either by making statements or through expressing your emotions. Digestion begins in the mouth with the production of enzymes in the saliva glands. It is here that you begin to break down your food, which is symbolic of your material thoughts. Generally speaking problems within the mouth indicate a difficulty in expressing yourself, or an inability to digest something that’s going on in your life.

Obviously, there are other considerations and interpretations. For example, if you are missing teeth then image comes into play. If you have a hair-lip then communication and image are more closely tied together. If you cannot produce saliva you are dealing with yet another aspect of the inability to digest new thoughts.

All of these things need to be examined thoroughly to get a clear understanding. Your teeth are used to break down your food.

Symbolically, they grind your thoughts into acceptable form. If they are missing or weakened by by gum disease or decay, that is a symbol of the way in which you have been taught to handle external thoughts. You can either “chew” the thoughts up properly and gain their full insights, or you can chew them half way, swallow the food and cause indigestion and poor utilization of your thoughts.


The tongue, with its taste buds, is another one of your defense mechanism. It is also a part of your communication system. In terms of defenses, it is used to alert you to that which is harmful. However, if food is symbolic to your thoughts have been treated in order to mask the real taste or to convince you to a taste, then that system has been bypassed. The overabundance of sugar and salt in foods are there to try to convince you that they taste good. This is very symbolic of how people tries to distort the truth of something by “sugar coating” it.


The ears are our antennae. They pick up thoughts, vibrations and sounds. Some of these you will use to fulfill your expectations of yourself. They also allow you to hear what you want to hear in relationship to other people, places and situations. They are part of the guidance system that allows you to hear the truth from within as well as from without.

Oftentimes, you are in situations where other people are speaking about you or to you and this affords you an opportunity to hear the another side of your own story. From another perspective you draw people to you, as well drawing out of them the things they say. You draw it out of them so that you can fulfill certain expectations about yourself. There is never a “thing ” done that you don’t have a direct influence upon in terms of its creation. There are no accidents, happenings, fate, or circumstances.

When there are problems with the ears, you should ask yourself : What is it that I don’t want to hear? Who is it that I don’t want to listen to? Why is this an issue in my life?


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