Common Threads of Biblical Kings & Modern Political Leaders.
Common Threads of Biblical Kings & Modern Political Leaders.

Common Threads of Biblical Kings & Modern Political Leaders.

King Manessseh & Prime Minister Netanyahu.

As Leaders of Israel at different times there are few things that they both have in common in their leadership over the nation.

They both ruled over Israel for a long time regardless of their complex leadership.

King Manessseh is described in the Bible as one of the wickedest Kings in Israel yet he ruled for 55 years 15 more years more than King David and his son Solomon, during those times.

Prime Minister Netanyahu the Modern leader ot Israel is the longest serving minister, surpassing David Ben-Gurion.

Manessseh and Netanyahu has been both accused of corruption, spilling innocent blood during their reign. Manessseh known for his evil deeds and of child sacrifice including his own sons from his loins and murdering of those who opposed him and his policies.

Netanyahu has been accused of bribery, fraud,and breach of trust. Both leaders have been severely critized for their Policies.

Manessseh brought back all the foreign gods, cults that his father King Hezekiah expelled from the land during his reign. Netanyahu has been similarly critized for his policies towards Palestine,Iran and Covid-19 pandemic.

Foreign Alliance.

In terms of alliance with foreign countries King Manessseh collaborated with the Assyrian Empire and supported it in wars against Egypt and other neighboring countries, Manessseh was described as Vassal ( a Puppet) of Assyria.

Netanyahu similarly has been known to have close ties with the U.S.A. (although in born in Philadelphia,U.S.A) and has been accused of being a U.S puppet during President Trump’s leadership. He has been facing many protests and accused of trying to end democracy in Israel by changing some laws. I guess that’s on hold or stopped due to the Gaza -Israeli battle that’s raging now.

King Manessseh and Prime Minister Netanyahu both have some similarities as leaders of Ancient and Modern Israel such as long reign and rule, accusations of crimes, corruption,controversials. They both share a history of alliances with foreign countries, they both did or attempt to change policies that were in place and allegations of abuse of power and tyranny.

Manessseh was Punished by God and Forgiven but history was not kind to him. Time will tell if Netanyahu will be punished by the People in November 2026 election when he will be up for reelection, and whether history will be kind to him.


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