You Are Never Alone.
You Are Never Alone.

You Are Never Alone.

Most of us have friends and or families who are very close and very dear to us. Yet there are times when we feel alone. We have situations to meet , and we feel we have to meet them alone. But we do not have to meet situations alone .God is with Us.

God is with you. Yes, God ! You do not have to face your problems alone. You do not have to make overcomings alone. There is One with you always who will help you in every circumstance you have to meet.

That does not mean you do not have to make any effort yourself. You have to make all the effort of which you are capable to do. You have to determine to see the problem through,and you have to devote your energy and intelligence to handling it. But you do not have to depend on your resources alone. You have access to God.

If we felt that we had only our own resources to depend upon, we might feel discouraged, indeed, for often when we have a challenge to meet, we do not seem to have much with which to meet it.

The qualities of body heart mind that we need do not seem to be there. But if we hold on, if we do not lose heart but persist in effort and prayer, we may find that we have qualities we never quessed we had, God’s qualities.

This prayer does not have to be a difficult task. Regular periods of prayer are helpful if you have the time and desire for them, but the best thing is this:

Throughout the day remind yourself that God is with you. On waking,sitting down to break-fast,on leaving the house, starting to work,school,taking on a new task,discussing a problem, anything throughout the day until your return home starting out the evening to lying down to sleep remind yourself that the presence of God is ever with you.

You may feel, however, that you have no awareness that God is with you. If that is so, you can develop that awareness. How can you develop it? You can develop it through prayer. It may come immediately. It may come slowly. But if you consciously and persistently seek the presence of God, you will find that presence.

Do not be discouraged if you do not see instant results. Have patience with yourself. Do not think of yourself weak or unworthy or a loser or inadequate.Do not let the burden of past mistakes pull you down and make you believe you are a failure and you will never be successful, remember, few people succeed the first time they tried.

Whenever you feel that you need strength or freedom or wisdom or peace remind yourself that God is with you, helping you.The most important thing is that you must keep on trying.


      1. I live in my minivan, presently without heater or defroster fans or turning signals and requiring its hood lifted before driving and twice at every stop. Being stalked, volatile fuels are counterindicated & I hear with three candles. As a semi invalid whose body adjusts well to neither extreme, cold is a very serious issue to me. In midwinter I manage to wear up to twenty items of clothing at a time ~ still acceptably attractively & still able to move in these tiny confines, even when the candles are lit. A serious accomplishment.

      2. Maybe I can’t, but I have been for the last three years. The first year was in northern California but without even the van for shelter. Anyone who offers me shelter or even a place to park becomes the target of my stalker too.

        I am an American poet. And my nation is very happy to see me kept weak and silenced.

      3. It took me a whole year to navigate the red tape to set it up, but I am able to receive patronage, yes, thank you for asking.

        If you know of any patrons of classic poetry, please direct them to the bottom of any of my posts, where instructions can be found. If there’s any confusion I can send the numbers direct.

        Gee, now I’d better go read that bio myself, make sure it’s up to date ~ thanks for the heads-up, have a great day

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