Heart – Emotions-The Force Upon The Plane.
Heart – Emotions-The Force Upon The Plane.

Heart – Emotions-The Force Upon The Plane.

You know that the heart is an essential organ for life. Without a heart, you could not live ; just as without love, you are spiritually dead. The heart, in addition to its physical attributes and functions, is considered the love center, the emotional center of your body. Your emotions are difficult to control because the force they exert is subtle that it is easily overlooked as an energy that can cause damage to the body.

Each organ, being symbolic of a particular kind of thought and concept, draws its energy from the thoughts pertaining to a specific area. When there is a physical problem, you have a mirror image,in your body, of what is out of alignment with truth and reality.

Nevertheless, this energy force flows through you and affects you. By getting involved with a particular emotion, you bring certain stresses and strains upon the body. Most emotional stresses are caused by adhering to man-made concepts or not paying attention to red flags, in personal and professional relationships.

The Love and Emotional Center.

Because the heart is the love and emotional center, it’s the area most visually affected by emotional stress. Not having enough control over emotions in your life will cause a breakdown.


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