Nothing -Nada – Zèro.
Nothing -Nada – Zèro.

Nothing -Nada – Zèro.

First of all the fare would not be the only cost that has to be considered for this trip to the moon.

There are clothing,food, medical, physical and mental conditioning. Whether landing on the moon or while in transit there would some atmospheric and environmental challenges not human friendly. In terms of our breathing altitude level, suns radiation levels maybe higher Temperatures could be boiling hot to North Pole levels. Food and Clothing Expenses we’re not talking dollars and cents here.

I have absolutely no interest in sight-seeing flying around the moon and back nor living on the moon. I have done numerous business trips, vacations trips domestic and international. I have had some turbulent flights, even at the moment my stomach churns in writing.I don’t want to think about being in a moon shuttle or in the neighborhood of the moon if there is any type of turbulent weather enroute or on the moon. FREE FLIGHT TO THE MOON AND BACK MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.

How much would you pay to go to the moon?


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