One-Liners Of The Bible Books. Part 2.
One-Liners Of The Bible Books. Part 2.

One-Liners Of The Bible Books. Part 2.



Ecclesiastes: King Solomon, I had it all, and it didn’t mean anything without God. He spoke sincerely.

Isaiah: Pay attention, God has a master plan in the works and we need to be part of it .

Songs of Solomon: I’m passionately in love, and I can’t stop thinking about her! By Solomon. ( Book of love letters and poetry).

Jeremiah: Prepare to face the consequences of living apart from God . Know that God’s plan is still in place.

Lamentation: What we dreaded has happened. Our sin has destroyed us. My heart is broken.

Ezekiel: Here are some visions I saw from God’s perspective on how we’ve lived our lives and of heaven.

Daniel: Here are the stones of Daniel, a Jewish exile in Persia, and his visions of the future.

Hosea: Ephraim, you are as unfaithful to God as a prostitute to her husband. Turn around and repent.

Joel: Because of our sin, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But it will get better one day.

Amos: By human standards, you are looking good but by God’s standards, you are failing.

Obadiah: Attention, people of Edom. You’ve bullied Israel and now you’ll answer to God Himself.

Jonah: Jonah unwilling prophesied to a wicked place and was disappointed that it turned good for the people at the end.

Micah: We are immoral and headed for destruction. Only God can deliver us from ourselves.

Nahum: No matter how strong evil seems, God will do away with it when He is ready.

Habakkuk: God, why don’t you stop bad things from happening?

Zephaniah: God will hold us accountable for our actions. All of them.

Haggai: Don’t ignore what matters most -your relationship with your God and creator!

Zechariah: Finish the temple and get your relationship with God in working order. The Messiah is coming!

Malachi: Worshiping God is not about doing the least to just get by. Be wholehearted instead.


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