One-Liners Of The Books Of The Bible: Part 1.
One-Liners Of The Books Of The Bible: Part 1.

One-Liners Of The Books Of The Bible: Part 1.

The content of the Bible, book by book is a mass of information. Here is Part 1 of the whole Bible in one-liners. Genesis to Proverbs.


Genesis: God created the world, gave us the choice to love Him, and began His plan to restore through an obedient man named Abraham.

Exodus: In Egypt, Abraham descendants grew into the Hebrew Nation, then they headed back home.

Leviticus: God gives the Hebrews guidelines for worship and sanitation for survival on their journey to the Promised Land.

Numbers: Because of their lack of Faith, the Hebrews took a forty-year detour through the desert.

Deuteronomy: Moses says good-bye, gives a history lesson, and gives some guidelines for loving and worshiping God.

Joshua: The Hebrews resettled in their land , after over 400 hundred years away by chasing down the squatters in every city.

Judges: The Hebrews organize into a Nation back in their homeland and led by Judges.

Ruth: One family’s story about God’s Provision.

1 & 2 Samuel: Samuel leads Israel, then he anoints King Saul. After Saul, King David rules but his family suffered.

1 & 2 Kings: Solomon ruled Israel, then the kingdom divided in two,Northern and Southern. Finally the Hebrews are exiled to foreign lands.

1 & 2 Chronicles: Israel’s story from David’s reign until the exile into Babylon, but from a spiritual (not political) perspective.

Ezra: The Hebrews returned from Baylon (where they were in exile) and rebuilt the temple .

Nehemiah: More Hebrews returned from Babylon and rebuilt Jerusalem’s wall.

Esther: The Hebrews survived exile in Persia because of a Jewish royal beauty contest the winner Esther.

Job: Bad news don’t change the nature of God.

Psalms: The lyric sheets from Old Testament temple worship Songs about facing life and worshiping God.

Proverbs: Nuggets of wisdom for dealing with everyday life.



    1. I started teaching children church before I became an Adult Sunday school teacher and Bible Class teacher.
      So for children church you have got read and understand the Bible and able to break down the word also for community outreach.
      I have read the Quran twice and found its easier to understand by a unbeliever or a curious mind person re religion.

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