Remind Myself That Possessions Can Be Replaced.
Remind Myself That Possessions Can Be Replaced.

Remind Myself That Possessions Can Be Replaced.

What would you do if you lost all your possessions?

Needless to say that I wouldn’t be devastated losing all my possessions especially my library of books,personal clothing, and accessories.I would be disheartened and find it challenging. However I would remind myself that possessions are material things that can be replaced as long has I’m alive, good health and sound mind. My focus now would be that my spirit and mind is not affected. “This too shall pass.”

My strong foundation is built on good health, determination,and the will to move forward regardless of life experiences. My focus has never on material things.I am Not a fanatic “religious” person, I am believer in One God and a follower of Jesus Christ and that’s where my foremost focus is and will always be. The Lord give and the Lord take and He replace.⁰ Blessed Be His Name. God is to be worshipped not material things,I always remind myself.

I am grateful for possessions and enjoy them as much as I can but I do not allow them to possess me.Where there’s life hope is right there so I move forward by faith with my skills , knowledge and strong determination to rebuild.There must some valuable lesson to be learnt from this setback. Self-preservation would be of great importance to me also during this time of adapting to new beginnings again. Life goes on, Job was given double for all his possessions including his children that he lost. God is still the same today and ever more.


  1. I really like your response to the question. I once lost a lot of my possessions, and while some of that felt devastating (lost photos really felt the worst), what I realized was that I still had the most important things which were my children. When it came down to it, all I cared about was them. I’m so thankful for them. No possession could ever replace them.

  2. I can speak to this because I have lost every little thing, much more than once (once it starts happening, it tends to keep on). I got through it, just as you say, focusing on God, what lessons could be learned, and what good done right where I was.

    Hadn’t remembered that about Job ~ thanks for that reminder. Great write 👌

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