How To Fit More Fiber Into Your Day.
How To Fit More Fiber Into Your Day.

How To Fit More Fiber Into Your Day.

Consider these ways to get more fiber into your diet. But don’t over do it. Adding too much fiber too quickly can cause unpleasant side effects, such as gas, bloating, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. Your best bet is to gradually add fibrous foods to your diet.

Start the day with a whole-grain cereal.Read food labels to find a cereal that have at least 5 grams of fiber per serving.Top it off with raisings, sliced bananas,or a chopped apple.

Eat some vegetables raw. Munch on carrot or celery sticks, and lunch on a crunchy garden leafy green garden salad. When you cook vegetables, steam or sautè them just as they become tender.

Snack on fresh and dried fruits. And whenever possible,eat the skins of fruits an vegetables. That’s where you’ll find the most fiber.

Substitute brown rice for white. With that switch, you’ll triple the fiber level. Try some less-familiar unprocessed grains as well,like bulgar, couscous, or kasha.

Add beans to soup and stews. Replace meat a couple of times per week with dishes such as been burritos, or red kidney beans and rice.

DO NOT COOK DRIED BEANS IN THE WATER YOU SOAKED THEM IN. To prevent gas and bloating.Add a bit of ginger in cooking.

High-fiber breakfast.

1 whole orange 3 grams, 1 cup raising bran 8 grams, 1 bran muffin 4 grams a total of 15 grams.This is a good start for 20 -35 grams daily and you’re good to go.


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