10 Conditions You Can Fight With Fiber.
10 Conditions You Can Fight With Fiber.

10 Conditions You Can Fight With Fiber.

Bumping up fiber in your diet can help you avoid these conditions or handle then in a healthier way .

Diabetes. Fiber helps improve the way your body handles insulin and glucose. That means you can lower your risk of diabetes by eating whole grains rather than refined carbohydrates. Dark rye bread, whole-wheat, crackers,multi-grain bagels,and bran muffins are good choices.

Heart attacks and Strokes. Soluble Fiber in foods like oat-meal, okra, oranges, helps eliminate much of the cholesterol that can clog up your arteries and cause a stroke or heart attack.

Concipation and Hemorrhoids. If fiber intake were adequate laxatives would seldom be required, studies have shown. Apples, sweet potatoes, barley, and pinto beans provide the roughage. I once read where Dr.Denis Burkitt said ” Softage” would be a better name for fiber, because it keeps the stool moist,soft, and easy to eliminate keeping your gut lining clear of harmful bacterial leaking into the bloodstream.

Appendicitis. Keeping bowel content soft seems to provide the best safeguard against the development of Appendicitis. Treats like apricot,peaches and bananas does the job as well.

Diverticulosis. As your body processes fibrous foods, like peas, spinach, and corn, it tones up your intestinal muscles. This helps prevent pouches, called diverticula, which can cause abdominal pain if they become inflamed.

Weight Gain. The best way to lose weight is to eat low fat, low calorie vegetables and grains. The more bulky fiber-rich foods ÿou eat,the less fat you will be eating. And since the fiber swells, you will feel satisfied faster. If you have room for dessert, choose fruits like plums or strawberries.

Impotence. You probably never imagined that navy beans,brussels spout, and zucchini squash could improve love life. But these fiber-filled vegetables help maintain strong blood flow to the male sexual organ by lowering your cholesterol level and keeping your blood vessels unclogged. The life and power is in the blood. The beans, in addition, contain L-arginine, a protein that also helps potency.

Cancer. Dr.Denis Burkitt believed a high -fiber diet defends against colon and rectal cancers in two ways. His cultural studies showed the more animal fat in a diet, the higher the incidence of bowel cancer. Eventually, he realized that the more bulky, fiber-riched foods people eat, the less unhealthy fat they consume.

Not only that, but a healthy portion of fiber speeds up cancer-causing compounds out of the digestive system more quickly before they have a chance to be problematic. Anyone who loads their plate with whole grains, legumes,fresh fruits, and leafy green vegetables will declare the natural success.

Burkitt also considered fiber a great protector against other conditions such as gallbladder disease, varicose veins, and hiatal hernia.

Now that we know some good reasons to eat fiber, consider ways how to get more into our daily diet. REMEMBER.This is my personal holistic and plant based lifestyle I’m sharing.


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