Simple Solutions With Big Benefits For Confidence.
Simple Solutions With Big Benefits For Confidence.

Simple Solutions With Big Benefits For Confidence.

Confidence feeling Sure of Yourself.

Feeling sure about yourself and your abilities Not in an arrogant way, it’s not about being superior to others.It is a quiet inner knowledge of what you are capable of doing or achieving.

Simple Solutions But Effective.

Make An Entrance.

First impressions do count, so everytime you walk into a room, hold your head up and your shoulders down and back. This will make you appear more confident and if you look more confident, you will be more confident.

Be Your Own Hero.

If you feel your confidence slipping at a meeting, in the classroom or in a social situation, just start thinking of one person who you admire and look up to because of how they carry themselves, their confidence, spend a few minutes start to practicing the things you admire in them. Eventually your practice will become your second nature and their self-assurance and confidence will become part of your own.

Stand Up To Feel Outstanding.

Standing up straight helps you to breathe more deeply, which in turn reduce anxiety and fear levels helping you to feel more confident.

Learn To Love Yourself.

Make a list of at least five to ten things you like about yourself and carry the list around with you so you can refer to it when your self-image is slipping low.

Highlight The Positive.

The next time you catch yourself having a negative thought, however small, make an effort to turn it into a positive one. Negative thinking is a bad habit that we all need to be broken, starting by conquering the small negatives is the best way to be an overcomer.

Do Good Deeds To Others.

Doing something nice for someone else has been shown to make people confident, probably because it stops them from thinking about themselves and focuses their attention on the POSITIVE.

Learn To Take Compliments.

People with low self-confidence often find it very difficult to accept a compliment,so the next time someone says something nice about you, make an effort to LISTEN and then thank them.

Be Generous With Sincere Praise.

Learn to give others sincere compliments. Giving genuine compliment not only makes the other person feels better but can boost your own self-esteem, always look for the good in someone and tell them what you’ve found.



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