Colds & Flu Tips For Dodging This Season.
Colds & Flu Tips For Dodging This Season.

Colds & Flu Tips For Dodging This Season.

Seeing that we are all health conscious readers and bloggers. It’s the time and season of the year again for viruses,colds and flu bugs,sneezes to be lurking around every corner,looking for a body to invade.While we cannot avoid these viruses completely we can take some of the necessary steps to protect and overcome quickly. Let’s look into a few natural steps that have tried and proven effective.

Tea Time With The Elders.

Elderberry flowers herb contains flavonoids and tannins,substances that reduce fever and promotes sweating.The berries are rich in vitamin C, which may prevent flu infection,while other compounds bind to the flu virus and prevent it from penetrating cell walls.

Zinc For The Throat.

Zinc gluconate lozenges may shorten colds by an average of three days as well as ease sore throat, nasal congestion, coughing, hoarseness and headaches.

Take A Break From Exercise If Feeling Low.

Extreme amounts of exercise increase the body’s production of harmful free radicals, which heighten your risk of succumbing to colds and viruses which can generally cause you to feel run down.Rest,sleep and do breathing exercises instead.

Don’t Overload On Water.

Many people’s first reaction when they come down with a respiratory infection is to drink lots of water. However, some experts are now saying that overdrinking could worsen the problem by leading to salt loss and fluid overload. Aim for usual 8 glasses of water no more or less and natural fruits high in vitamin C.

Boost Immune System And Handling Stress.

Experts strongly believe that the most powerful ally against the common cold and flu is a strong immune system to fight the hundreds of viruses that causes it.Studies show having and nutritious plant based diet,B vitamins, exercise,keep hydrated and adequate amount of sleep lowers the risks of catching colds.

Wash Away Germs.

Colds and flue viruses access your body through broken skin or mucous membranes in your eyes and nose. Most people touch their face without realizing it, so wash your hands regularly to avoid passing on the virus.This is very important.

Steam-Clean Your Nose.

The steam from boiling water can help your system fight off infections, possibly by killing any virus that newly alighted in the mucous membranes of your nose. To stay healthy get down to your local sauna,steam room and or invest in a facial steamer for home use.

Stick Your Tongue Out.

Pour hot water into a bowl and breathe IN, sticking your tongue out as you do so. This opens the throat allowing more steam to go through preventing the membranes from drying out.

Stop Gargling To Help Sore Throat.

Garling when you have a sore throat is the same as rubbing your eyes when they are sore. Instead, drink soothing warm – but not hot – liquids with a spoonful of organic honey to help your throat heal by killing bacteria.

Avoid The Spray.

Sneeze can travel 160ph (100mph) and is a very common way of for colds and flu to spread.Look for telltale warning of signs of an erupting sneeze and make you you get out of the way of the spray.

Schedule Some Sleep.

Sleeping helps your body as well as your brain, so give your immune system a helping hand in the virus season by aiming to Sleep for 7 to 8 hours nightly.

Soup It Up With Chicken.

Chicken soup helps with Cilia ( tiny hairs) in the nose and bronchial passages move quickly so they can defend the respiratory system against contagions and it contains substances that help the immune systems fight off attack.

Make Time For Tea.

Regular tea drinking could boost your immune system. Black, green, oolong, ginger, echinacea, astragalus teas contain bacteria-fighting chemical L-theanine, which protects against colds and flu.


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