God Cannot Be Defined.To Define Him Would Be To Limit Him.
God Cannot Be Defined.To Define Him Would Be To Limit Him.

God Cannot Be Defined.To Define Him Would Be To Limit Him.

The Name of God is the verbal expression of His character and its the ground of our confidence. The various names by which we are allowed to address Him gather up what is revealed to us, relatively to our powers, of His Will, His Word, His Work.

The Divine Names receive and reflect scattered rays of heavenly truth as we are able to bear their effulgence. ” I AM” was intended to express, not so much what God is in Himself, but more what He was in relation to Israel, entering into covenant with them, and revealing Himself progressively as the occasion might demand.

God is not to be described in parts, He is to be comprehended in the unity of His character. In ‘the glory of God,’ is the whole majesty of the Divine perfections ; Infinite wisdom, Infinite power,Infinite goodness and the splendor of the Being of God. God does nothing but what is suitable to the properties of His Nature. All His acts are the effects of His very Nature. Even an Infinite Being can have no right to do wrong.

The Bible does not merely tell us who God is, but what He does. TO CUT LOOSE FROM HISTORY IS A SEPARATION FROM REALITY, AND WE PART WITH OUR ONLY SAFEGUARD AGAINST ERRATIC MYSTICISM.Believers Faith and our SALVATION STANDS SQUARELY ON HISTORY. The Bible is a Book of History, Science, name any subject matter there is a Bible principle for such.


What is immutable in God is the holy love which makes His Essence. What Christ reveals in God is the infinite mobility of absolute Grace,bent on the redemption of the LOST. The wrath of God is the instinct of self-preservation in the Divine Nature; the eternal repulsion, by the Holy One, of all evil.


Moral law is the expression of the Divine Character. The law of God, the law that governs God Himself, is applied in it’s own measure to His responsible creatures.God cannot be defined. To define Him would be to limit Him and He cannot be limited. We know no more of God than He has been pleased to reveal to us.God was not, to some Jews, the first of a series. God is not only without a rival, but without a second.

To many who confess that God exists, He is little more than hypothesis to account for the origin of the universe, and their moral life is altogether removed from His control. God is Good and There is Only One God who Rules Supreme. 8⁸


  1. ROYAL

    Isaiah 45:5-6, “I am the Lord, and there is no other, apart from me there is no other. I will strengthen you though you have not acknowledged me. So that from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting, men may know there is none besides me. I am the Lord and there is no other.”

    God is the only supreme, infinite, eternally self-aware being who as no beginning or ending. His power is limitless.

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