THE BOTTOM LINE -COMPLEX CARBS,Well-Balanced Diet, Detox,Water,Exercise,Sleep.
THE BOTTOM LINE -COMPLEX CARBS,Well-Balanced Diet, Detox,Water,Exercise,Sleep.

THE BOTTOM LINE -COMPLEX CARBS,Well-Balanced Diet, Detox,Water,Exercise,Sleep.

What things give you energy?

I choose food that are high in mood boosting substance tryptophan,such as bananas, tuna canned or fresh, free ranged chicken and eggs turkey, fish, milk.Organic grown fruits and vegetables,less pesticides and chemicals. Healthy for the body and better for the environment .Carbohydrate-rich foods.Nuts,grains,and good quality dark chocolate.

Detox regularly to help liver and kidney strengthen. Cleansing tonic 200ml spring water, 1 lemon juiced, pinched ginger powder 1 tablespoon flaxseeds, 1 teaspoon psyllium powder.

Increase daily intake of water by drinking a glass of water with each meal and continue drinking throughout the day. Adequate supplies of vitamins including B vitamins keep low energy and fatigue away.B vitamins are needed to produce energy.

Dry brushing before showers stimulate the lymphatic flow and circulation.Remove dead skin cells and opens up clogged pores, for this you will need a soft bristle brush with long detachable handle enabling you to reach right down to your back. Take organic 100% milk bath with orange and or lavender essential oils regularly.

Hands and Feet soaked with natural herbs, essential oils and 20 -40 mins reading or deep breathing while doing foot baths pat dry and massage soles of feet,invest in a good foot bath or basin.

Sleep can be just as important as food for energy and survival. Scientists have shown that animals deprived of sleep die at 3 weeks same time that humans could die without food. Sleep affects the repair of the body Execise during daytime not at night time especially near bedtime energy level increases and hinders sleep then.There’s time a place for everything.

I’m non smoker, non alcoholic drinks, no processed sugar and salt intake entire family as well.Deep breathing 20-30 minutes first thing in mornings and before bed is very important even if time does not allow during work days to continue deep breathing it’s very important for overall health too.

Please check with your doctor before trying any natural remedies. The above is my personal preferences shared.


  1. ROYAL

    Music also give you energy. When I am feeling tired and want to do some cleaning, I just put some gospel on and sing along as I work. Yes the key word is sing along, you feel more energize as you clean and sing. When I am feeling like I could just draw my blanket first thing in the morning at work. I just take my head phone to my ears and listen to some up beat gospel. As I start moving to beat I come alive ready to complete my day.

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