Battling The Feelings Of  Tiredness All The Time: With Simple Lifestyle Adjustments.
Battling The Feelings Of Tiredness All The Time: With Simple Lifestyle Adjustments.

Battling The Feelings Of Tiredness All The Time: With Simple Lifestyle Adjustments.

Tiredness; Can be described as a condition of physical or even mental exhaustion, fatigue, weariness and low energy. It’s a lack of vitality, feeling drained, having a strong desire to rest or sleep.It’s also common when we over extend our physical or mental resources or work to hard without relaxation.

Lifestyle Adjustments Simple But Effective.

Keep On Sipping; Fatigue is one of the first symptoms of dehydration. Increase your daily intake of water by water by drinking a glass with each meal and sipping throughout the day. Oxygen level is Increase.

Trash The Crash Diet; Low -calorie diet is a major cause of fatigue especially in women today. Those who are constantly dieting may not have enough fuel to sustain their body’s efficiency level leading into tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion. Lack of proper nutrients .

Don’t Depend On Caffeine Too Much; Caffeine mimics the effects of stress hormones in the body. For instance a person who weighs 70kg (11st/ 154 lbs) and drinks more than ( 6 cups of coffee or cola ) can develop caffeine poisoning with symptoms of restlessness, irresistability, headache, insomnia,fatigue and tiredness.

Low Iron; Tiredness can be the result of low iron, which leads to cracked lips,cold hands and feet, poor memory, headaches,poor resistance to infection, pale-face and the inner eyelids. Eat more iron-rich Sardines to boost energy. Fruits and vegetables including beetroot.

Lack Of Sleep Survey; lack of sleep or bad-qualty sleep is a prime cause of tiredness. Try to keep track of the hours you sleep and note irregularity in sleeping patterns. Make sure you don’t carry stresses to bed with you and or overthinking of any and everything regarding the days work.

Don’t Dismiss Depression See A Doctor; One of the major symptoms of depression is extreme tiredness,low energy and fatigue so if you’re constantly feeling fatigue all the time you might want to seek the advice of your doctor as depression could be the underline culprit.

The B Group Of Vitamins Enerzise; Adequate supplies of vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy metabolism. If you become short of vitamins for any reason you will experience on going tiredness and fatigue. Then you need to stock up on and take your B vitamins which are very important for producing energy to the body.

Longer Than Two Weeks See Doctor; Studies have shown that if you are feeling tired for longer than two weeks despite increasing exercise levels,eating a healthy diet and improving your quality of sleep and taking your vitamins including your B vitamins then you should see your doctor. Tiredness can be an early Symptoms of many illnesses including Thyroid problems and Multiple Sclerosis.

Smoking affects everything to do with the body, it increases dehydration and stress levels generating a whole range of metabolic problems. Heavy smokers often feel tired due to the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. Life is in the blood,low blood, low energy.

Get Active; Lack of exercise is another key cause of low energy and the constant feelings of tiredness. A balanced diet, Vitamins including all B vitamins, Stress management, Sleep your number one priority and if all else fail Seek medical attention.


  1. Thank you so very much for your help in this situation! I am under Dr care and am waiting to hear back about medical testing. My favorite drink is water! I’m hoping to be approved for pool therapy by next week. This is a very good post and I am adding it to my Health List! Thank you 🙏Sis!

      1. I continue to praise God. I can see the end of this discomfort in my near future! God provides all my needs according to His riches! AMEN 🙏 Thanks 🙏 Sister for your constant prayers!! Hugs & Blessings, CJ

  2. ROYAL


    Don’t worry about breaks every 20 minutes ruining your focus on a task. Contrary to what I might have guessed, taking regular breaks from mental tasks actually improves your creativity and productivity. Skipping breaks, on the other hand, leads to stress and fatigue. Tom Rath

    “Don’t underestimate the power of resting. It builds you back unlike anything.”
    ― Hiral Nagda

    Resting is immensely powerful to ignite the glorious star within you. Power yourself by powering up your relaxing game.”

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