Hangovers 101: Simple But Effective Solutions.
Hangovers 101: Simple But Effective Solutions.

Hangovers 101: Simple But Effective Solutions.

Sick Symptoms Hanging Around.

Symptoms that hangs around after too much drinking of alcohol. These are not feel-good sensations they are sick feelings including increasing of high blood pressure very dangerous.

Pale is Better.

Recent research studies suggests that dark, sweet drinks, like brandy, rum, whiskey contains “congeners,” which produces the ill effects of hangovers because they contain, methanol, formaldehyde and formic acid, which are the chemicals mainly responsible hangovers headaches and with rapid heart rate.

Alternate Alcoholic Drinks To Avoid Hangovers.

White wine, gin or vodka, watered down if drink you must and desire to be hangover free the next day . You must keep your body hydrated with drinking lots of water and giving your liver a chance to work on the excess alcohol.

Bloody Mary’s and Sea Breezes are two of the least toxic alcoholic drinks because of the vodka they are made with doesn’t contain any congeners and these two contains health-giving fruit juices.

Think Quality If You Must Drink.

Cost efficient brands of alcoholic drinks often contain higher levels of toxins and are harder for the liver to cope with, causing worse hangovers. Go for quality rather than quantity- expense might motivate you to limit you from drinking.

Be A WaterBaby.

The dehydration that alcohol causes often plays a major role in hangovers experience. Studies show that matching alcoholic drinks glass for glass with water, and slugging back another glass or two of water before going to bed will help combat dehydration.

Have some Honey To Burn Off Alcohol.

Before or while you are drinking,have a large glass of grapefruit juice, and eat some honey. The grapefruit is a liver tonic, and the honey helps your body burn off the alcohol in your system.

Traditional Herb For Hangovers. Disclaimer Not For Replacement of existing Medication.

Milk Thistle renowned for its ability to stimulate and support the function of the liver detoxing alcohol within the body.

Dandelion is a traditional liver tonic and also shown to reduce severe headaches a companion of hangovers.Willow Bark a natural alternative over the counter pain killer for headaches and toothaches,it contains a form of Salicylate an active ingredient in aspirin.

Detox With a Beet Drink; For a massive detoxifying antidote for all that partying, try beetroot juice mixed with ginger, celery, carrot juice,apple juice. This will take care of nausea,neutralized effects of cigarette smoke and stomachache or the runs.This juice is packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

Don’t Sober Up With Coffee; Try water or sports drink instead. Drinking caffeine, which is the highest concentration in filter coffee, is a diuretic and will rob your body of even more water and nutrients.


  1. ROYAL

    Drinking on a full stomach or drinking slowly is a sure way to prevent hangovers. Drinking in moderation or drinking a glass of water in between drinks, can help to decrease the amount of alcohol drinks and dehydration from drinking.

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