Air -Water -Food: Breathe-Drink-Chew
Air -Water -Food: Breathe-Drink-Chew

Air -Water -Food: Breathe-Drink-Chew

What would your life be like without music?

I love music but in reality I can’t survive for more than 3 mins without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food these are life threatening things.These are health and well-being and source of survival.

I hope it never happens that music is not around but I could survive and carry on without any disruption. I could get along with the music that’s deep,way down in heart and soul.

I would have to learn to adjust and go on living in memory of the music in my soul and heart. It’s important to maintain good health and a sound mind when changes happen.

Music is more than hearing instruments, sound and artist. God forbid that it’s banned from the earth. There should be enough music in my soul to make my own melody, my own rhythm, lyrics. There are and can never be any laws,rules, regulations to control our soul and spirit to manage and stop the music from playing over and over in our spirit.

Personally I don’t allow things outside of the Trio to control or run my life that I couldn’t live without. Improvise and backup plan has been my motto growing up .As long as I have my Faith and the Author and Finisher Jesus Christ,Air,Water and Food.Everthing Will Be Alright.

Last but not least Jesus Christ said that He is the Bread of Life. Meaning I can’t survive without He being the Chief Cornerstone of Air,Water, and Food.

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