Keeping  Circulation In The Fast Lane: Life Is In The Blood.
Keeping Circulation In The Fast Lane: Life Is In The Blood.

Keeping Circulation In The Fast Lane: Life Is In The Blood.

Good Circulation Good Health.

Proper circulation is the key for maintaining good health. Circulation ensures that the blood and oxygen flows through the body continuously without no delay allowing every organ to function properly. Wounds are able to heal faster, it keeps the brain healthy and sharp, the heart healthy and keeps complexion looking natural.

Make Friends With Fruits.

People with high levels of fruits and vegetables in their diets have lower blood pressure than those who choose less healthy foods. Healthy foods regulates salt and sugar properly throughout the body.

Watermelon Prevents Plaques In Arteries.

Fruits that contains high levels of lycopene,helps general circulation in the body by preventing a build- up of plaque, which restricts blood flow through the arteries. A tasty slice of watermelon have 14mg.

Orange Strengthen The Walls Of The Capillaries.

Oranges and other citrus fruits contain high levels of vitamin C and bioflavonoids. These substances work in the body to strengthen the walls of capillaries keeping the blood pumping fast around the body.

Niacin AKA Vitamin B3 Boost Circulation.

Niacin,which is also known as vitamin B3 found in liver,poultry, pulses ( legumes), nuts,cereal, and rosehip herb, boost the circulation allowing blood to flow into the small blood vessels helping to improve circulation problems.

Detox Your Arteries With Garlic.

Studies have shown that eating garlic can help reduce the build-up of plaque in arteries and even clear away existing deposits. Garlic has been shown and proven to improve spatial memory and help protect against age-related memory loss. Use garlic in sauces, intalian-style meals,garlic oil for salads,stir fries and marinating. Aim to include some form of garlic in your diet once a day or take a supplement.

Cat’s Claw & Ginseng.

The herbal extract cat’s claw, it comes from an Amazonian rainforest plant that has been shown to lower blood pressure in some clinical trials. The herbal extract of ginseng reduces the problem caused by poor circulation of the blood, it is now able to flow to the extremities of the body, boosting health and well-being.

Sprinkle Seeds Getting Rid Of Stickiness.

Vitamin E, which is found commonly in seeds like pumpkin,linseed ( flax seed ) sunflower seed, fruits such as cherries and kiwi,green peppers,cayenne pepper,turmeric powder and ginger has shown to reduce the possibility of the blood clotting ( stickiness). Sprinkle the seeds, powders, on your salads and in green or fruit smoothies for a daily dose of vitamin E and reducing any chance of blood clotting.

Working Out Boost Circulation.

Working out at least three times per week boost circulation, clears out the arteries and lowers blood pressure, giving the circulation system a surge of energy.

Feet And Hands Extremities.

Any type of physical exercise that involves impact on the feet and hands such as skipping,running,walking,boxing,and kickboxing, improves circulation to the extremities. Impact exercise can also prevent pain and the onset of other problems to the body.


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  2. ROYAL

    Taking a warm bath is another way to kick start circulation even though its a temporary fix. The warm water will open your arteries and veins a bit wider, letting more blood through. Sipping on hot tea or water also does the trick.

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