History Is A School Not A  Museum:Teaching and Storytelling.
History Is A School Not A Museum:Teaching and Storytelling.

History Is A School Not A Museum:Teaching and Storytelling.

Child’s Box Of Letters.

Napoleon said, “ History is a fiction agreed upon,” yet he was so eager to make history. What he was saying then was the great historians were all liars. Others say history is  a childs box of letters with, which we can spell any word that’s pleases us. We have only to pick out such letters as we want,arrange them as we like and say nothing of those that do not suit our purpose.

Many take a page from the annals of history and give it an ideal quality which, in fact, it did not  possess. Or they read the present back to the past, instead of  seeing the PAST for what it really Was Reality is Pushed into a Web of Lies from which  there’s no way of escape, “making of history a distillation of rumors.” ( Thomas  Carlyle)

The Making Of History A Distillation Of Rumors.(Thomas Carlyle)

Master Teacher And Storyteller.

Some would argue that history is a museum where we can passively observe relics and artifacts of the past although there are great similarities between  history and museum it must be understood that history is not a museum, its a great school of storytelling  teachings of the past and yesterdays which shape our todays and tomorrows . Failure to learn this way could result in doom for us . “THOSE WHO FAIL TO LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT. ( Winston Churchill).

History is about human experiences of triumph of victories and agonies of defeats. It reveals the tragedies òf the rise and fall of individuals, Empires, Presidents, Kings and Queens, great men and women.Its a chronicle of individuals who reshaped the world, great innovations that help societies to endure the test of time. Struggles for freedom, revolutions, wars along with other ancient and modern days very dark moments recorded.

When we understand history through the lens of a classroom settings we are able to gain a wealth of knowledge on how the world operates. History remains our greatest mentor as the world rapidly changes we are able to learn from mistakes and pitfalls of others in the past, it’s a guide for both the present and the way forward into time.

A Timeless Storyteller.

History, a timeless storyteller it reveals all the drama of our past, our present wisdom and the blue print of our future.The captivating stories of human experiences and endeavors are weaved in time,place,cultures,traditions. We should explore, learn, seek, find and embrace teachings and knowledge gained.We should celebrate the wealth of lessons history has taught us. Let us remember history is not a dormant account of the past neither a museum but a vibrant force that leads to our today and way forward.


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    Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” “If you don’t know history, it’s as if you were born yesterday. If you were born yesterday then any leader can tell you anything.”

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