Tangled Web Of Deception Manipulation Narcissism
Tangled Web Of Deception Manipulation Narcissism

Tangled Web Of Deception Manipulation Narcissism

What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you?

O,What tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! ( Walter Scott, 1808 ).

Simple meaning of the above is the destructive consequences of deception and layers of lies that can impact others lives.

Red flags : are warning signs of potential harmful problems in situations, suggestion of caution,investigate further and verify.

Red flags Relationship : refers to behavioral traits that could be harmful and life threatening such as manipulation and incompatibility to be casual friend,spouse or partner.

Red flags : Cannot be ignored,they help to make quick informed decisions, they give confirmation to “gut feelings ” suspicions, proceed no further time for distancing, pay attention to the signs.Red flags are good for well-being and emotional health in long term they save minds and lives.

Strong Deslike: I have a very STRONG DESLIKE towards DECEPTION in any shape or form. I don’t allow the flag to be hoisted before a quick investigation is launched. Word says prove all things. Sorry but I have zero tolerance for deception in any situation or relationships. We are all flawed humans none is perfect however there are things we should make every effort to stay clear of.

A deceptive person can be more dangerous and destructive than a liar.Not only do they destroy others they also take way their self-trust by playing destructive mind games, manipulative tactics, layers and layers of lies that the truth cannot be seen,leaving victims trapped like flies in a spider’s tangled web. Spiders are predators and so are deceptive persons.



  1. ROYAL

    To beat a deceptive/narcissist person is to educate ourselves on who they are. When one is equipped to see the cobweb that is in front of them, its easy to choose to walk around it and avoid getting trapped and facing the consequences.

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