Mind Over Matter-BrainPower Nourishment
Mind Over Matter-BrainPower Nourishment

Mind Over Matter-BrainPower Nourishment

The head is the residence of all the major sensory organs the brain is the most important resident of all.Its the seat of  intelligence.Simple put the brain is the source of all the qualities which defines humanity as it is said it’s the crown jewel of the human body. Brain failure symptoms can include coma and other mental issues so saying this to say that brainpower must be taken care of else the mind will be at great risk we serve or function by our minds a sick brain produces a sick mind.

The brain and the mind work together they both have to be nourished the brain being the primary. A one size fits or feeds all approach cannot be taken in our daily diet planning.We should take an Eat to prevent and heal approach daily for the body, paying special attention to the brain.There have to be brain food included in every meal so that both brain and mind can harmonize lets not forget the spirit is part of the trinity.

Drink Yourself Clever With Water.

Your brain circuit needs to be fully hydrated in order to function at it’s best levels,so drinking 8 glasses of water daily can be an essential requirement for concentration, thinking and mental alertness.The brain weighs an average of 3lbs. about the size of a medium sized-chicken. 3/4 of this weight is water,so allowing yourself to become dehydrated saps your brainpower. Start your mornings out with 1-2 glasses room temperature water.Get circulation going and thinking faculty up and ready.

Deep Breathing To Clear Your Head.

The brain is the body’s second largest organ and used up 20% of the total oxygen pumping around your body.Its important that you feed it well with daily deep breathing exercises to boost oxygen circulation.

Fitness To Think

About 750ml of blood pumps through your brain every minute of the day and night, you can boost your potential brainpower simply by increasing the efficiency of your heart by introducing a 30-minute exercise programme into your routine 3 times per week.

Breakfast Like A King.

People who have a proper meal at breakfast tend to have better reaction times,problem-solving abilities and a more acute memory than people who skip,skimp on or rush through their first meal of the day. So let’s make time for royal breakfast.

The best breakfast foods to boost your brainpower is high-fiber,carbohydrate-rich that releases energy slowly, wholegrain breads and cereals, porridge, fresh fruits,milk for protein, bacon,eggs,peanut butter.

Quick-fix IQ Breakfast Foods.

Feeling sluggish whizz up a quick-brain boost,like a thought-boosting fruit smoothie with OATS or APPLE PUREE, BLUEBERRY and HONEY, this will keep your brain fired up faster and longer. A daily cup of blueberry can improve short-term memory by protecting against age-related mental decline.

Bananas, apples, porridge and stoneground bread. Bananas are high in potassium which is necessary for the highest function of the brain. Sodium is important as well found in salt, meat and other food.

Brain Needs 24/7 Nourishment.

Brain is an all-day grazier it needs 24 hours daily nourishment as it cannot store significant reserves of energy to keep it working. Missing meals is detrimental to our thought process, so aim to eat small portions often to keep brain’s energy levels topped up day and night.

Let me be clear as possible the above information is based on my own holistic lifestyle these are my staples tried and proven with family. This is a sharing not a prescription.Thank you.


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