Take Time To Stay Calm Break Off Breathe Meditate Pray
Take Time To Stay Calm Break Off Breathe Meditate Pray

Take Time To Stay Calm Break Off Breathe Meditate Pray

How do you relax?

Daily focusing on my breathing every morning for starter,throughout the day and before sleep. This is a simple way for you to relax. Wherever you are,take a few minutes out to do some deep breathing. Do this a couple times and you will feel your body relax. You will see how it helps when you get into meditation they work well together.

Meditation is very powerful not only for relaxation but for some sickness. It regulates breathing rate and increases oxygen consumption allowing blood to flow freely to brain,causing a more relaxed brainwave rhythm.

Daily morning meditation concentrating on my breathing, emptying the mind of nonprofit thoughts or issues, 15mins good to go first thing in mornings follow up with mini-breaks when convenient. Studies have shown that meditation reduce stress levels and boost your body immunity. Prayer is very calming and peaceful it sets the tone for my day.

I step away, shut out noise, chaos,stressful things and or people,do different things such as read new books,magazine, music take a couple days of or take a full vacation.

Breathing,Meditation,Prayer,Reading,Music Calmness Focus on Myself with Some Pampering.

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  1. ROYAL

    Taking long walks at my own space is very relaxing. I like to look at different trees and plants I have never seen. Taking long warm bath and listening to music is another way of relaxing for me. I find cleaning to be relaxing as well and when am at work and my day is rough, taking a few deep breathe helps to keep me calm.

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