Small Tips With Big Benefits For A Better Winter.
Small Tips With Big Benefits For A Better Winter.

Small Tips With Big Benefits For A Better Winter.

Water In Winter.

Water is important all year round but in winter, because of central heating, lots of stress on the body as temperatures change suddenly from cold outside to hot inside, it’s even more important to drink eight glasses a day.

Rings In Winter.

Rings that get tighter in the winter could be a sign of fluid rention caused by too much salt, same with tighter shoes and socks that leave lines on the ankles that aren’t there summer warmer weather. If this happens, drink more water.

Winter Coughs.

People are more to develop coughs and lung issues in dry weather, which can dry out the inner membranes of the lungs and cause trauma to them. To relieve seasonal coughs, have regular hot baths or steam inhalation.

Choose Seasonal Foods.

In winter, root vegetables, leavy greens,fruits , grains and nuts are more nutritious because plants push their energy reserves into the roots to avoid the cold .In summer, flowering fruits such as tomatoes contain more goodness. So there we go follow mother nature for the healthiest diet.

Walk Yourself Happy.

Winter blues just fifteen minutes of daylight daily giving your body a good dose of vitamin D, so let’s get out and get some fresh air.

No Weight Gain In Winter.

Many people put on weight during the winter because their activities level gone down and food cravings increase with colder weather. Do indoor exercises like yoga,steps, to help keep the weight off so we can spring into spring next year.

Hibernate For Better Sleep and Immunity.

Studies have shown in winter people need more sleep than in summer to reboot their immune systems. Sleep quality and quantity are both better when the temperature is low. So turning of the central heat or turning down the thermostat on a winter night can give a better night’s sleep.

Put A Hat On Infections.

We lose lots of our body heat through skin on our head and neck, covering up with a warm hat and scarf can help our body fight off infections by keeping us warm and snug.


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