Flu Bug:Time to Buckle Up.
Flu Bug:Time to Buckle Up.

Flu Bug:Time to Buckle Up.

It’s almost flu season again, it starts mid fall, ramps up in winter drops out in late spring. It comes with sniffing, sneezing, coughing, fatigue and all the familiar trappings of flu. The severity of the flu varies by person,but since Covid-19 pandemic there is a new urgency to protect our family and ourselves while both of of these virus surges in the upcoming months. Let us remember that both virus carry the similar flu-like symptoms.

Early Symptoms.

The flu normally storms in heavy as if ” hit by a ton of bricks”. It comes with sudden fatigue, body aches, chills, diarrhea, nausea,sore throat, fever,headache, runny – stuffy nose and persistent dry coughing.

Early Treatments.

Let’s be perfectly clear, go seek medical attention if and when these symptoms worsen or better yet from the beginning. Drink lots of fluid, Isolate as much as possible, lots of rest, sleep and get tested for Covid and flu to be extra safe and knowing exactly what you have .Flu or Covid God forbid the latter.

Prevention is Key.

The ” Flu” or Influenza is serious disease that can lead up to death.It spreads like “wildfires” in Canada and USA each year, starting in the fall running its course through spring.Young children and elderly adults are at the highest risk of getting the flu but anyone can get it. It’s certainly not exclusively.

The flu virus spreads through saliva,touching sneezing, coughs and kissing.The virus can reach a person’s area up 6 feet away. Try to avoid close contact with anyone who is sick, wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face as much as possible. Get lots of rest,sleep and lots of vitamin C.

Flu shots are always recommended but could be more important this year to protect the population especially the more vulnerable groups from getting the flu while Covid is still a menacing threat.

A well built immune system is the first and foremost defense against the flu virus. It protects the body against infections while protecting the body from its own cells. Healthy eating habits, increase activities, raw plant based juices, vitamin C must be included with other supplements, regular detoxing of the body and plenty of rest. Let’s remember PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!.


  1. Your informative message emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant during flu season, especially with the ongoing threat of COVID-19. Prevention, early recognition of symptoms, and maintaining a strong immune system are indeed key to safeguarding our health. Thank you for sharing these valuable reminders. Stay healthy! 🌡️🤧🌟

  2. I used to poo poo getting the flu vaccine. Until I GOT the flu. I was so sick that I couldn’t walk from my couch to the bathroom (all of about 12 feet) without having to rest. Taking Chico out to use the bathroom was even worse. Forget eating. When breathing and eating becomes a choice, I’ll take breathing. I would like to encourage everyone to keep yourself safe and healthy. Thank you for the information.

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