Get Rid Of The Silent Treatment-Drains The Brain.
Get Rid Of The Silent Treatment-Drains The Brain.

Get Rid Of The Silent Treatment-Drains The Brain.

Have you ever been tempted to give your spouse, friend or family member the silent treatment? Don’t. The mental effort that you consciously put out to ignore them could drain your own brain power as you hurt them also.

Suffer in Silence.

Researchers at a University in Cleveland discovered the brain-sapping effect of silent treatment when they paired students with research team members and left them in a room alone with each other for 4 minutes. They told half of the students to ignore their partners and half to start up a conversation.

Twenty Word Puzzles.

The researchers, later gave each student 20 word puzzles to do. Those who talked with their partners were more persistent in their efforts to solve the puzzles than those who ignored their partners. The study leader of the research team said ” This suggests that consciously ignoring people requires a lot of mental energy. “

Tempted to Punished with Silent Treatment ?

Remember that you’re also punishing yourself; it drains your brain energy. Empathize with the other person reflect on a time when you were given the silent treatment and how aweful it felt to be ignored. Believe it or not it comes down to health issues for both individuals.

Bottom line

Talking is almost always the best approach. It’s communication that solves most problems really, not silence. I have been making every effort to get rid of silent treatment weapon .


      1. Thank you for your advice. Yes I will message him as he is currently going to ignore me if I read it out loud.
        It is very hurtful, you can’t think straight.

        Your welcome! Yeah I try to understand that he might need his space and I also complimented him, let’s see if he comes around.

        Also thank you for all the likes on my post, I appreciate it. Will check the rest of yours soon.

      2. Most welcome and I like your work I am a heartfelt person and feel your just keep writing don’t internalize put your feeling out there’s something about written expression. You will be OK you have a good soul .Don’t lose hope or give up .
        You talent with your are a Crystal!

      3. Blessings I taken you has my first blogger friend. Great I was thinking about how it went .Please reach out to me at anytime. Let him be and focus on yourself so that you don’t get depressed and blame yourself too much. Express your thoughts abd feelings writing use your talent.My name is Dawn.

      4. Aww thats nice! I also take you as one of my first blogger friend, I haven’t really made many friends on here only one before you.
        Sure I will definitely stay in touch.

        Thank you so much!

        Yeah that’s what I’m going to do, sometimes it’s hard not to eat yourself up with all the regret/ guilt… and yeah I will be sharing my feelings.
        I go by kdj. It’s kinda like my real name shortened. But on here people use my display name.

      5. Good to hear you Crystal I personally try not to eat up myself and it’s hard but just don’t ever ever think of doing away with yourself because of guilt or regret.Someone somewhere others have done worse than what we are eating up ourselves over and they are not eating up themselves.
        Please just apologies if you feel you need to if it’s not accepted I personally just worry about the person.
        I tell you again just keep on writing!write express your fears and doubts cry if have to but don’t eat up yourself too much!
        Make today a great day for YOU.

      6. Yeah that’s true, otherwise you can’t move forward.
        I have apologies sincerely. Hopefully he will come around.

        Thank you so much! Love the positivity. Your very motivational and I met you at such a good time. ❤️

      7. No worries.
        I’ve only been here for less than a year so I’m not sure about many stuff myself.
        But I searched up what you asked and basically if you go on your site when your working on it, on the side menu from amongst the options click ‘plugin’ and you have to install the ‘Thank me later’ plugin. Apparently you can only do it if your using

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