Labor Day A Day Of Rest-Enjoy
Labor Day A Day Of Rest-Enjoy

Labor Day A Day Of Rest-Enjoy

Last Weekend and First Monday.

The last holiday weekend of the summer, before we get into fall plans preparing or organizing for Thanksgiving and Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas.) It’s the weekend for the family taking that last swim in the pool,go to the beach, last weekend in getting back to school bargains and the last weekend before school starts. The first Monday in September celebrated in Canada and USA as a National holiday for workers.

Day of Reflection

It’s a time to reflect on the importance of rest time from work, God Himself rest from work , included it the Creation to be done every week. We should see the day not just as another summer holiday, we should recognize and celebrate the importance to rest not only from work but reduce the things that keep us away from our family, finding time for ourselves and most important time with God.

Let’s reflect on how labor day first started and God’s perspective on work and rest.Lets take a look into how we can rest and strengthen our relationship with our workers, family, friends and God. Even if you are a nonbeliever I would think you can relate to work and rest.

Honor and Appreciate all Workers

Let’s remember those who have toiled and sacrificed from way back in time to strengthen society. Recognize those who considered to have this day approved for workers at a time when labor was more rigorous than today. Let’s remember and appreciate all workers in all categories especially the essential workers who are working even today we rest.

Enjoy your day relaxing,reading,meditating, family time,barbecue,picnic,fireworks etc.

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