Harmony In Body-Mind-Spirit Trio.
Harmony In Body-Mind-Spirit Trio.

Harmony In Body-Mind-Spirit Trio.

The body, mind and spirit are not separate entities they are three aspects to the existence of humanity. They are linked dependlently, influencing and  reflecting each other in various ways. All three must be in a harmonious balance to achieve great physical and mental well-being It’s important that we strive to care for the physical body in a holistic lifestyle.

The Body

The body is the physical expression of the mind and spirit. The body is a vessel that allows them to interact with the physical world. The body receives signals from the mind regarding external environment such as pain,pleasure, temperature,touch,feeling. It communicates through speech,gestures,facial expression and body language.The body manifest by living or carrying out its values, beliefs and passions.

The Mind

The mind is the cognitive and emotional part of the body and spirit, the faculty that process and reacts to the information received from the body. The mind creates the perception of reality, influencing one’s behavior and choice. The minPd reveals the spirit by generating creativity, imagination and intuition. The mind activates the spirit by pursuing it’s visions, goals and dreams.

The spirit is the core of our body and mind it defines and controls our identity and personality. The spirit determines the meaning and purpose of life, energizes the body with vitality, health, strength and healing. The spirit is affected by condition and state of the body.The spirit enlightens the mind with wisdom, inspiration and guidance. The spirit transcends the mind by connecting with a Higher power.

The body, mind and spirit are interrelated and interdependent aspects of the human existence they affect each other in various ways. A harmonious balance with this trio is most essential to achieve good health and wholeness.Its imperative that a holistic care of the body be taken by nurturing the mind and cultivating the spirit we can achieve a holistic integration of our body, mind and spirit in our journey towards a harmonious and peaceful life.


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