A Cool September
A Cool September

A Cool September

September the gateway to Autumn with with it’s crisp breeze and cooler temperatures and colorful landscape. Summer has ended. It’s the month of transitions and changes for both nature and within ourselves. Time for cozy colorful sweaters and fancy sneakers. In most cultures it’s the start of the school year and end of the summer holidays.The first Monday in September is celebrated as labor Day.

Numerology September

In Numerology September the ninth month has the symbolic significance of number nine is transitions and endings. A stage before a cycle starts, Its also symbolizes completion, spiritual growth and Power of Creatio

Harvest and Autumn.

September marks the season of harvest a time when fruits of labor are gathered and celebrated. The fields and communities come together to appreciate the gifts of the earth. The harvest is not only in agriculture but in our personal lives .As farmers reap what they sow, September reminds us to recognize and cherish the results of our efforts. The Law of Harvest.

Self-reflection Self-discovery Self-evaluate.

As Nature changes its colors and sheds its leaves September reminds us to reflect on the paths we have gone throughout the months. We pause, wonder and assess what changes should be done so as to provide opportunities for personal growth and setting new goals .We discover it’s time to prepare,tie up some loose ends,organize and get rid of somethings that no longer serves us and embrace new fresh possibilities.

Jewish High Holy Days.

September in the Jewish community hold profound significance with the arrival of Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year a time of self examination, repentance and renewal. Yom Kippur a day of atonement,fasting, chances for spiritual purification and reconnection to faith.


September in most Christian communities it’s a time of self examination as with the changing of the season its a time of fasting, renewal and reconnecting to faith in preparation for upcoming Church calendar.

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