Physical  Book Is Much More Than Pieces Of Papers.
Physical Book Is Much More Than Pieces Of Papers.

Physical Book Is Much More Than Pieces Of Papers.

More Is Absorbed

There’s just something about the experience of turning the pages of a physical book filled with wealth of knowledge. Reading a book in a comfortable, relaxing setting is one of life’s great pleasures.Unwinding after a long day, lost in the reading of a good book occupies the mind while on a flight or just feeling bored. Studies show that more is learnt and retained by reading physical books at times.There is lasting connection with memory.


Physical book reading have fewer distractions that’s an important benefit especially in a learning environment. There’s no pop-ups, links to check, no ads. notifications unlike digital devices. You are able to focus and concentrate better on the context. You feel apart of the story both literally and figuratively.

Strain On The Eyes.

Physical book with ink-on-paper format offers much relief from the light of the screens making reading easier on the eyes allowing longer reading sessions. Staring at screens for any extended period of time causes strain,fatigue and discomfort on the eyes.

Learning Impact On Children.

Physical book reading have a positive impact on children learning they become engaged and apart of the book. Their curiosity for reading, love for reading and a lifelong desire for learning. Studies show that children between three to five do understand better the stories read to them from printed books as oppose to e-books and audios.

Reading Before Bed

Reading a physical book before bed may promote better sleep. The lights that comes from the screens of devices could affect the productions of certain hormones, choosing a printed book would be better. Creating this bedtime reading routine with reading a physical book is giving my body mind and spirit time to unwind relax and prepare for a restful and peaceful sleep. Waking up less groggier or in a bad mood before first coffee or tea in WEthe mornings.

Much More Than Pieces Of Papers.

Printed books are much more than pieces of papers with words printed on them, put together fixed inside a cover of a stronger paper or refined cardboard for hard cover . There is something about touching, feeling, turning the pages, lost and captured by the stories. The world of history, science, biology etc. just vast amounts of knowledge, motivation and inspiration on each page. The great benefits for the eyes, brain,mind, learning, relaxation,unwinding,less distractions, better night sleep.


  1. ROYAL

    When I get around to reading any books, I really love to read the physical than electronic. It gives me a sense of ownership and I find it more joyful when I am reading a hard copy book.

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