From Wisdom  to “Wisedumb “
From Wisdom to “Wisedumb “

From Wisdom to “Wisedumb “

Over Three thousand years ago Solomon, author of the book of Ecclesiastes tried everything he could think of to give his life a sense of meaning and fulfillment. After much trial and error he came to this conclusion: Man finds his greatest satisfaction through fearing God and keeping His commandments. Other approaches to life may reflect elements of truth, but they all expose men to unnecessary trouble. Compare to Divine wisdom they are all vain and temporary.

A Man Driving Car Without Lights .

God knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain. ( 1 Corinthians 3:20 ).

The person who relies only on human understanding is like man who drives his car with the lights off after dark in an attempt to save gas. In theory, he knows that it takes more fuel to operates a car’s generator when the lights are on. In actuality, it’s a waste when you compare it to the usual ways of increasing mileage.

Automotive engineers say that the amount of of gas that would be saved by such a practice would be too small to measure. In addition, the wisdom of driving at night without headlights to save a few drops of regular speaks for itself.

It’s equally foolish.

It’s equally foolish to look only human knowledge in an effort to find meaning and purpose in life. There may be temporary value in psychoanalysis, encounter groups, transcendental meditation, transactional analysis. But compared to the conclusion that were made to fear the Lord and keep His commandments ,these ways of finding meaning are futile. Any approach to life that disregards the God of the Bible only leaves us in trouble to show for it

More Of Everything

Solomon had More wealth, More women,More intellect, More power, and More of everything than any man alive,yet it did not satisfy the spiritual hole in his heart, he ended up doing some dumb things.

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