The Great Influence Of Prayer
The Great Influence Of Prayer

The Great Influence Of Prayer

When a person is facing a difficult decision in life, it’s not uncommon for someone to suggest. “You need to pray about it”. This is solid advice and should be one of the first thing we do when facing the unknown. However prayer should become a lifestyle and not merely a stop gap when needs arise.

Even the medical field has begun telling us that not only is prayer a good practice,but also it appears to be the best practice. Duke University’s Dr. Harold G. Koenig has said that according to over fifteen hundred respectable medical studies, ” people who pray more have better mental and physical health”.The studies was about prayer-health-medicine. Read this in a health and spiritual magazine sometimes ago.

We may understand that a spiritual discipline such as prayer will yield certain spiritual benefits, but though we are spiritual beings living in mortal bodies.Now the medical field is confirming the wide -reaching influence of prayer not only refreshes our spirit but has a positive influence on our natural bodies as well.

Prayer is a place of refuge at times, a solace and comfort in times of trouble and sorrow. When we find ourselves overwhelmed by life circumstances,finding time and the motivation to pray is not difficult. Times of crisis takes us in grateful and humble surrender to our knees or hands lifted up or clasps in prayer. But a crisis-driven prayer life does not build a vibrant and healthy prayer life.We must try to discipline ourselves especially when we are Christians

A few minutes of quality prayer time every day yield more consistent spiritual benefits than many long hours and go for days or a long stretch of prayerless days. We should strive to build and maintain,faithful commitment to the discipline of prayer not only for ourselves but for Others.


  1. ROYAL

    Everyone in this world is involved in some basis worldly activity will consume much of their time spent with our Creator. When we forget our creator the worries of this world becomes a burden to our minds. Everything is running wild and start chasing at everything without never catching up. But Gods wants us to set time aside to commune with him and we do that through prayer. when I am face with the pressures of life I run to the rock, there I times when I cannot prayer and that is why I have a prayer partner who helps to pray me through. Praying keeps in me in close contact with my creator ,relieves my stress, clears my mind, keeps negative thoughts away, gives me the peace that no man on earth can give. Prayer is a very effective tool indeed!!

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