Fasting Gives Our Bodies A Break
Fasting Gives Our Bodies A Break

Fasting Gives Our Bodies A Break

What Is Fasting?

The practice of abstaining from food, either completely or partially, for specified period. Its an ancient practice found in most religions of the world,traditionally ,fasting has been a widely form of self-denial, penitential,practice observed for the purpose of purifying a person or atoning for wrong-doings.

Most religions designate certain days or seasons as fasting times for their followers such as Lent,Yom Kippur,and Ramadan, Certain events in the lives of individuals have been considered as times for fasting, such as day or night before a major personal commitment. The duty of knighthood is a historical time for this practice. Prayer and fasting goes together in Spiritual fasts.

The History and Background

Hippocrates the father of medicine used fasting to fight diseases over 2,400 years ago.The Ayurvedic healers of Hindu religions prescribed fasting weekly for healthy digestive system.Most nationalities, religions and cultures have the tradition of fasting handed down from their ancestors.

Most secular historians speculate that fasting evolved from people living without food during troubled times. Eventually they learned to go without food because they were troubled. I think there has to be a better explanation than this.

The Benefits Of Fasting.

I think that from the beginning of creation, our bodies were designed to take periodic breaks from food.The seventh day was designed for rest ; digestive system needs rest as any other part of the body. Food is important but several positive and healthy changes are happening in the body. when fasting. Missing a meal or two for a day or couple of day does more good than arm.

Healing and Rest.

One of the main benefits of a night’s sleep includes rest for our digestive system.Body was designed from creation to heal itself sleeping, cells are repaired, controls the body’s use of energy,supports brain functions.

Fasting helps to unclog the system,eliminates , poison and other toxins from it. Modern research,ancient healers and and the scriptures have indicated that one of the benefit of fasting is healing. God states that one of the benefit of fasting. In Isaiah 58, God took Israel to task for abusing the fast they were doing. He said if they fasted according to His will,”Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear”(verse 8).

Health Benefits

It’s important to remember that fasting is a physical disciple.You should consult your physician before going on any type of fasting. Here are few health benefits from fasting: Sleep,Brain,Weight loss, Cholesterol,Diabetes, Skin,Heart,Inflammation,Longevity,Calmness.

My household and I practice fasting frequent as part of our holistic lifestyle aside from our Faith. Fasting when done properly with a purpose has great health and mental benefits. It must be done wisely and with discipline. In this modern time it’s not exclusively a religious or cultural thing it’s cleansing and healing for body soul and spirit.


  1. ROYAL

    When you are not use to fasting it can become a burden. When going on a long fast, I have learn that the first few days can be the hardest, which is true I experience it for my self. Every little chance I get I try to fast, especially if I have any decision or situation to face. Fast really does alot for the mind, body and spirit. Intermitting fast is something I do lot. I try to go 16-18 hours before eating at least 3-4 times for the week The benefits of intermitting fast lowers blood pressure for those who suffer from high blood pressure, lowers heart rate and improve blood cholesterol. These are just few of the benefits of intermitting fasting

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