The Judge of All the Earth Will Do Right.
The Judge of All the Earth Will Do Right.

The Judge of All the Earth Will Do Right.

Men and Women in positions of authority often times judge unrighteously, but the Almighty is a righteous judge whose decisions are always Just. In the end Justice will prevail. A person’s life maybe filled with injustice and may suffer abuse on all levels of society including family. May even face terrible persecutions loss of life or limbs. Make no mistake the tyrant will not go unpunished. Justice will be served if not in this world it will be in the next. God the Judge of all the earth will do right for you.

For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing,whether it be good, or whether it be evil.( Ecclesiastes 12:14 ).

The Injustice Of Mankind.

The Abuse of Power is nothing new for powerful leaders to look out for their own selfish interests, needs and mock fairness and justice. Egypt over 3,600 years ago the government invited Israel to come over when Israelite Joseph had saved Egypt from famine. But eventually their hospitality became brutal, the Egyptian king changed the rules setting hostile “taskmasters to afflict with heavy burdens and to make their lives bitter with bondage.(Exodus 1: 11, 14).

History shows that tyranny of the strong and powerful over the weak have always existed. This Abuse of Power is very heartbreaking when it’s plain that justices is to be served, it was the right thing to do .Although politicians and bureaucrats are easy targets they are not the only ones who abuse power and tryannize the weak and poor. There’s injustice all over the market place.

Another area of injustice is the church as in the edifice.Leaders use their title, collar,robes and the scriptures to manipulate and coerce weak minds. Leaders use scriptures with their own personal beliefs to humiliate and abuse. Coerce the weak minded to give money and things.Force the weak and attraction seekers to engage in intimacy even when these “man of God ” have spouses. These Leaders have lost all sense of morality have put themselves above God, Congregation and the Law of the land.There is a special place reserved for them.

Another area of injustice is employment where poor people working long hours, next to nothing for pay,dangerous conditions, no employment benefits,sleeping in factories they work to meet the long hours,no overtime pay.These injustice are done in factories, sweat shops,farms mostly in third and second world countries. While these employers grow fat and rich at the expense of their poor and abused workers.

Failure Of Justice

Everyone has experienced injustice at sometime .Everyone has cried out”its not fair” Perhaps a person failed to get the promotion they earned but because of corruption, nepotism or favoritism. A person may have suffered injustice in the school system with regard to their children. Each person in their own way feels they have been victimized, but they have only experienced life in the way that all humans experience life. Man’s injustice to his fellowman is just as displeasing to God today as it was in ancient times.

The focus of the world today is not often fair. Politics,business, sports, entertainment are not fields noted well for fairness yet they get much attention from main stream media as good people. Regardless of a winner’s tactics used he or she is applauded by the world. If and when we are treated unfairly let’s endeavor to be fair to All. Justice will be served for God the Judge of all the earth will do right. If you dont believe in God or religion, believe the law of harvest, whatever is sowed must be reaped.


  1. ROYAL

    As followers of Christ we are not just called to stop injustice, but to work towards justice. We should pursue justice in our relationship,care for others that he place around us and stand for those without a voice. As long as we pursue just Hod will honour our efforts .
    To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. Proverbs 21:3.

    As Christ followers he command us to leave vengeance to him he will repay. Romans 12:19. No matter how long it take judgement will come to those that oppress the weak.

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