Raging Wildfires across the Globe Earth Is Protesting.
Raging Wildfires across the Globe Earth Is Protesting.

Raging Wildfires across the Globe Earth Is Protesting.

Since Friday massive wildfires have continued to ravish Yellowknife capital of the Northwestern Territories, and Kelowna a city in British Columbia, Canada. Both regions are under state of emergency. Massive destruction of homes, businesses, properties, vehicles. Highways and some routes are closed, air flights cancelled, airport airspace closed off for aerial firefighters.

Yellowknife Multiple Fires.

In Yellowknife the city was emptied residents were forced to evacuate as the wrath of the fires rapidly approached the city limits. Sadly homes, vehicles businesses were destroyed.

Thousands of residents scrambling to evacuate the city due to threats from multiple fires again bearing down on their homes, businesses, vehicles and threat of a Second fire disaster weeks ago. This has been a record-breaking wildfire season. South of Yellowknife many hours away there is the city Kelowna a thriving tourist resort area multiple fires are moving rapidly towards Kelowna and surrounding areas.

Kelowna Multiple Fires.

Kelowna is thriving tourist resort city population over 150,000 people the new fires blazing from Yellowknife which is just some hours away are severe threats to city of Kelowna.Thousands have been evacuated as the fire grows and continues to threaten homes and businesses. Others have been put on evacuation alert. University campus have been evacuated, the airport cancelled flights and closed the airport airspace to prioritize aerial firefighters. The fires have spread to the west of Kelowna the drought and lightening keep triggering the flames.

Hospital and Healthcare

Hundreds of Care residents from seven health-care facilities have been evacuated. The hospital is operating under code orange in preparation if situation worsen to a disaster and massive casualties. Only elective surgeries and clinics are going on.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Without controversy climate change and global warming have increased drought and heat extremely causing intense wildfires globally from Hawaii to the Greek Island of Rhoades. In Canada, the the number of fires and total of areas burned are way beyond the average for this time of the year,it’s an area larger than the map of Greece.

The past few months wildfires have caused major disruptions with oil and gas production in Alberta. The fires have sent choking smoke into parts of Toronto,Ottawa,Montreal and parts of the US including New York City. In my neck of the of the woods, rainfall has been way above average for this time and season.Heat wave off the scale.


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