“Like, Why Do I Use “Like” So   Much”?
“Like, Why Do I Use “Like” So Much”?

“Like, Why Do I Use “Like” So Much”?

Let me start with myself as one who overuse words,” like” is one of them I use as filler or crutch word. Like has several meanings and functions but I have a habit of using as a filler in in casual conversations or written communications. There are times it’s done unintentionally. We hear overuse words or expressions in movies, conversations even in professional speeches and we all do it as well.

Overused Words.

Some words that are used too many times lose their meaning or impact in a sentence, they are sort of verbal clutters or cliches. For instance , me using the word “like” in conversation excessive is a crutch or filler helping to get conversation flowing while bringing my thoughts together or analyzing what next to say.

What is a word you feel that too many people use?

Examples Of Filler and Crutch Words.

Here are some filler and crutch words used ; “Like” (my beloved) ” Um ” Uh” “Hmm” “Basically ” Sort of ” You know ” Well” “Literally “ You see” You know ” “I mean “ Say”

What’s The Big Deal ?

I didn’t see the big deal or any harm in using “like” too many times in casual conversations but on a professional level in meetings or written communications it might create an impression of less confident, unprepared, might lose the listeners attentiveness ” like” has to be used sparingly. The key thing is to be mindful of word choices as to avoid much help from fillers and crutches.

Replacements For “Like “

I won’t panic and declare ” like ” a forbidden filler word because of my habit of using many times neither will I accept the need for some sort of therapy to stop using “like ” I try to use sparingly. Here are few alternative fillers; “Actually ” Well” “Basically” Sort of ” “Maybe” “Probably” “So” “Nearly ” “About ” “Say” “Clearly “. Anyone else using “ like”or any other fillers, words ,expressions,words, phrases too many times it’s not the end of the world .Take some time to look for similar words minimizing their usuage.

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