Bedrock and Chief Cornerstone of Every Profession.
Bedrock and Chief Cornerstone of Every Profession.

Bedrock and Chief Cornerstone of Every Profession.

What profession do you admire most and why?

When it comes to Teaching it’s more than just another profession it’s a calling more like a vocation . In a previous article I referred to teachers as captors metaphorically. We all know what real captors are capable of doing . God forbid that none of us get captured in life.

Starting from doctors nurses who save lives to engineers constructing great walls, tunnels , bridges, skyscrapers etc, other professions each leaves an indelible mark . However teaching profession stands out to me the most.

Foundation Shaping The Future.

Each and every profession starts in the classroom with wall,blackboard and teacher with chalk in hand.Their foundation is built by teachers imparting knowledge,wisdom and fostering their curious minds. Teachers captures the minds helping the student to discover their own path, potential and purpose.

More Than Imparting Knowledge.

Teachers do more than deliver text book lessons,they teach students,resilience perseverance and importance of hardwork. They are mentors ,they take on friendship roles,counselors instilling values and character shaping. Teaching is not only about good or bad grades,honors,degrees etc. Its about grooming, responsible successful, honest,educated citizens

The Unnoticed Heroes.

The great efforts of teachers often times go unnoticed their never ending studies, burning midnight oil preparing grading diverse assignments,where there are special needs students they have to craft different assignments. Spending extra time with students in distress or facing challenges with learning. Abuse from students and parents at times. Teachers dedication and love is unwavering.Its not just a job teachers are on a mission ensuring that all other professions are equipped for this modern world and outerspace.

Personal lifelong Impact.

Reflecting on my ownself . I can pinpoint teachers from every level from kindergarten to my career, who have left an indelibled mark whether by their teaching style,knowledge or just their unwavering beliefs in me or giving advice at the right time.I remember wanting to drop a foreign language that I didn’t see fitting in my future career path. My teacher advised against it pointing out its one of my best subjects and languages are assets to any career path I chose. So grateful I took her advice continued became fluent and it’s an added asset on my journey.

Best of all my reflections are my teachers unwavering beliefs in me immediately after graduating high school I was offered a year teaching assignment at my high school. Teachers played various roles in shaping and equipping my earlier life and career.

Big Heart little Minds

There’s a saying ; it takes a bigheart to shape little minds this is a great example of teachers roll as nuturing the potentials ,they are the warriors of education and all other great professions and inventions. Chief Cornerstone, Pillars and Posts. For all these reasons and much more I personally hold teachers in highest regard. Much Love and Respect to All Teachers.

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    If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.

    Every successful person today, life was shape by a teacher who went beyond and above so that they could make a difference in society. Teachers with an authoritative style of teaching I believe have more impact on the life of there students. They are fair and consistent, they have expectations for their student and expect them to meet them. When I was in grade 10 in Jamaica, my science teacher would always asked me questions when I started her class. I would never answer her questions, so to her I was not learning anything. When we got our first test, she was so surprise because I got the second highest mark. When she gave me back my test, she also gave me some encouraging word and told me that I would no longer be silent in her class. She also made sure it was the same in my other class.

    “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams

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