Grandmother’s Gifts Of Handbags.
Grandmother’s Gifts Of Handbags.

Grandmother’s Gifts Of Handbags.

What is the most important thing to carry with you all the time?

The bag is the extention of the arm it’s very important to a woman to carry herself well. Christian Dior,French fashion designer.

My handbag is part of me it’s not only to carry stuff around. It’s really who I am my love and care for handbag runs deep from my grandmother who at 9yrs gave me a cute little handbag for Sunday school. Every mile stone or achievement there’s a bag .It didn’t matter what other gifts she gave handbag was included.

18th birthday day Advice and moving Forward

My handbag goes everywhere with me it’s a reminder of words of love,advice and memories On my 18th birthday a beautiful fashionable bag was given to me from my grandmother with a lecture she said my handbag is like a safety deposit box with valuables I should put valuable and useful things in my bag. I treat my handbag with care,never go out without it .

I did take her advice, I put everything that’s important and matters to me, make me happy, there’s a story behind everything in my bag meaning something to me . They never change hands just different bags for different occasions.

My handbags are not only fashionable but practical spacious with differnt compartments pockets secured with zippers, locks and keys . Essentials,vitamins,all other paraphernalia.

Some of my handbags have short straps,long straps, body straps that goes across the body. Bags made from durable materials protective from rain snow,heat,dust,stains, breaking and entering. I don’t leave home without them.

Beautiful bags ,simple, elegant,touch of class,matching my outfits and personality and sophisticated look. My bags are part of my identity they are my style.They are practical functional and helps me organize and keep everything within my reach .if there’s emergency God forbid when I’m driving or being chauffeured.

Make handbags great again,your friend,part of you , cherish your handbags,keep them organized show them love watch for expensive handbags when they meet your budget. Who’s going to know?


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