A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient.
A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient.

A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient.

Have you ever heard someone say “a word to the wise is sufficient,“? or it’s just me who takes great pleasure in using as warning or advice. Although some may argue its “threatening” starting with my children. It’s a phrase used by mother and grandmother, I dont recall my father using it to us . Maybe as a man of the “Collar” he left it up to the mothers to use like a household name.

“A word to the wise is Sufficient “.

This phrase has been from the Roman times, means “One word is Enough for the wise“. Intelligent and smart people need only a hint or one word to understand the situation to make a decision without a lengthy explanation.

Experience Nutshell Understanding Grasping.

Experience and knowledge plays a great part in giving advices,suggestions,teaching, mentoring. You must be able to deliver in a nutshell when needed for better understanding.Knowledge or information must be enlightening and easily interpreted by the listener or learner causing them to grasp quickly with only few words.

Pay Attention to Words Tone Context Body language Read between the lines.

“A word to the wise is sufficient” shows valuing the information paying attention to what is said in words alone but in tone, verbal and written context very important,read between the lines ,pick up on things, listen keenly, hearing is not listening. Focus on the MESSAGE more than the MESSENGER. Sometimes thinking we know it all, it’s ok to redirect our thoughts to what is offered. Its wise for the situation at hand. I have been there done that and have a T-shirt.

Respect knowledge,experience and wisdom of the elders we do not know it all not because of today’s world of information overload, digital era ,volume of words, charts and images.We need guidance and direction handling this new age to avoid dangerous pitfalls and bottomless pits.

A word to the wise is sufficient ” Reminds us to listen,look deeply into, understand one or few words,respect wisdom of the elders, the youths even our children who offer advice or suggestions to us. We are not know it all or experts on what we know our minds must open to learn more .Life is brief in itself we must be brief at times , there will be times for great elaborations and debates.

Wrap it up. “A word to the wise is sufficient ” Reminds us of the advice and suggestion of those who have walked the path before must be valued. Today’s world of chaos,noise, conflict rebellion,death threats left right and centre. All it takes in some instances is One or few chosen powerful words than a thousand words spoken or written that are powerless ,empty, ineffective . A STOP, KNOCK IT OFF, ENOUGH SAID ! Is Sufficient no more no less to the Wise.


  1. Debbie

    I went to live with my grandmother at the sge of seven. My grandmother didn’t speak much, but she would direct, guide and instruct me with words from my great grandmother. These word would be one or two pharse. Oftentimes when I visited my mother she would use the same pharse to me and my sibling. Even in high school among my friends they would quoting pharse that was told to them by their living grand parents or what their parents learned. Some where different, but we still use them to guide, direct, instruct and put and end to alot of conflicts between classmates.

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