Surprise Inspiration From Bakery’s Anniversary Story.
Surprise Inspiration From Bakery’s Anniversary Story.

Surprise Inspiration From Bakery’s Anniversary Story.

I said to myself this prompt is uninteresting and waste of time responding then suddenly I remembered an uninteresting local news story celebrating the anniversary of a bakery surprisingly it impacted my life to this day.

Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.

It was the local bakery celebrating it’s 20th year in business. At first I said to myself what’s so special about this bakery that I drive by to and fro daily .The only exception I saw to the story was a lady was the the owner who migrated to Canada from a war torn country at 18 yrs.old she came without family, no money, no friends, no job and no education. I listened carefully as it became less uninteresting.

Dishwasher, waitress,and cashier

Started her first job at a local bakery as a dishwasher, waitress, and cashier. She began saving to be the owner of a bakery one day. She went to adult school at nights she worked hard at both her job and going to school .She was driven with a will and determination on owning a bakery. As she progressed in school she learnt how to bake from videos, books , trials and mistakes. She was eventually promoted to a baker.

Hardwork Determination Saving Passion

She talked about the many hardships, obstacles, challenges, she faced along the way but she held on to her dream and passion to be the owner of a bakery . She put her heart and soul into her baking craft eventually she had enough saved to buy her own bakery,gradually building a customer base ,good quality products and great customer service.

The Connection At The Bakery.

I became curious at the bakery story I stopped one evening bought some stuff mentioned her story that made the news. She told me it’s not the whole story. She spoke about the challenges, criticism,failures, rejections,hardships she faced starting from scratch to make her dreams come through, operating a successful business a mother with three children. Been through two divorces. As she spoke of her journey I saw the connecting part of her story to mine. I was deeply impressed that her personal disappointments did not stop her success.

Inspired and motivated.

I wouldn’t dare to compare my story with all her story at 18yrs coming to Canada getting her first job at a bakery having nothing before. But her passion ,determination, hard work and her achievements inspired and motivated me I was reminded of the things and victories I took for granted hearing her struggles yet she held on to her dreams and her goals.I too from tender age have had a passion for owning a high end out of this world clothing store owned and managed using all my transferable skills and creativity. I do my research, read,watch videos regarding fabrics types, origin,make,culture. Encountering lots of red tapes , regulations,economy ,it takes hard work having full-time and pursuing your dream and passion having your own business. In my pursuit of my passion and goals I have started. I reflect at times on her story and the odds that were against her yet she became a successful business woman.

Passion with determination hard work cannot be killed by criticism rejections ,failures ,divorces like the eagle sours above the clouds dreams and aspirations will come through.Stay inspired and motivated

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  1. Debbie

    “Success is a journey not a destination ‘ Ben sweetland.

    It takes great committment and hard work to accomplish ones dream. Sometimes it takes another person’s journey through hardship for one to be determine to hold on to ones dream . Success does not come overnight, its a Journey that is filled with ups and down. Holding on to ones dream takes courage to pursue them. Dreaming of success is nothing, but working towards it one will surely accomplished their dreams.

    “When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go” Carol Burnett

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