Purpose and Value  of Seasons
Purpose and Value of Seasons

Purpose and Value of Seasons

We have to trust that God has a divine purpose for every season of our lives.

The fact that life has seasons is not merely an observable fact but it is scriptural truth. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived , rightly said that seasons exist in life, and they are not always defined by age. Within the same year, you can experience a season of laughter and then a season of mourning, a time of losing followed by a time of receiving, and a time of war preceding a time of peace. In fact these can all happen in a much shorter window than a year. And they can happen again and again.

Questions: But to what end? Why did God design life this way? What is the purpose of seasons? How do they benefit us ? How should we respond to them?

All Of Life Experiences The Changing Of The Seasons.

Seasons are part and parcel of the creative order. They exist in the stages of the growth of all living things . They exist in the geological record of our planet. They exist in the development of human relationships. They exist in man’s spiritual existence. In other words,this is how God designed His creation from the beginning.

Creation Sees The Changing Of The Seasons. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. ( Ecclesiastes 3: 1 )

The seasons through which our planets progresses in the course of a year are the result of the fact that the axis around which the Earth rotates lies at about a twenty-three -degree angle to the sun.This planetary tilt causes the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth to alternately lean toward and then away from the sun during our yearly revolution through space .This changing angle to the sun’s rays cause summer for that portion of the Earth tilted towards the sun and winter for the portion leaning away. All this was designed by God Himself and recorded by man for knowledge.

The most notable part of the change of seasons to me is the temperature difference from winter to summer.While some locations experience less of a swing than others virtually every location on Earth will get increased heat in summer filled by cooler temperatures in winter.The temperature variations whether mild or severe greatly affect the weather patterns.

The Weather Seasons: They affect seasons of planting and harvesting. The Word of God says that there is a season to plant and a season to harvest. There can be no exchange for these two. Noone plants a vegetable garden in the fall as the hours of daylight are shortening and the temperatures are declining .There would be no hope of the tender plants sprouting, maturing, and bearing fruit through the harsh winter months.

RECOGNIZE THE VALUE OF SEASONS. Seasons have value even if we struggle to see it as we are living through them. God has His ways of accomplishing His purposes in our lives. Some people resist and resent their season of aging Seasons will come and go in each of our lives thats a given fact.We cannot stop them the same as we cannot forestall winter’s arrival because we do not like the cold or stop the summer because we despise heat. I personally dislike freezing rain and black ice because of dangerous driving conditions, but there’s nothing I can do about it ,more than have proper winter tires, adjust my driving to the condition of the road. There will be freezing rain and black ice .Regardless ,it’s their season.

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