Only rebel not ye against the Lord neither fear ye the people.

Numbers 14 : 9

Here we see Joshua telling the Israelites to be obedient to God and do not fear the people of the land . Oh, how well we can take these words to heart these days. Today is my Sabbath and as I read these words in the book of Numbers . I reflected on the present season of fear and chaos left, right ,center ,within and without in today’s world. A thought came to me that fear is normal meaning, where there is faith there’s Fear laywaiting , yes fear the opposite of Faith . The just shall live by Faith.(Hebrew 10 :38)

Sometimes we stop trusting God when it seems necessary to save our own neck. The children of Israel followed the Lord as long as they thought it was to their own advantage. But as soon they discovered that He was leading them to a land occupied by giants, they turned from Him in FEAR and UNBELIEF.

Nothing to Fear but Fear itself . There are times when we fear when there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear can be Crippling ! I have been there done that and have a couple Tshirts, not to mention the wasting of useful brain cells. Fear is the number One weapon of mass destruction for terrorism, it’s at the centre of their main intention for killing maiming and mass destruction. Mission accomplished when massive Fear grips their targets everything comes to a complete halt, standstill ,everyone is afraid of their own shadow,just terror and crippling. Sad to say but politicians seems to be toying around with fear mongering tactics at election times. Let’s lay aside that for another time .

Recently I read a horrible article which showed me an example of how easily a person’s FAITH can be altered by FEAR. The headline read ” Defenseless Old Couple Slain in Daylight Theft at Home” The article included a quote from one of the victims female neighbors who was interviewed at the scene of the crime. She is reported to have said ,” I am a Church lady and we definitely don’t believe in weapons .But now I don’t know ,I think I’ll have to go downtown and buy something “ To me she implied that she was going to buy a gun even though that would violate her religious convictions. Look at her opening statement.

Her thought and statement shows how quickly anxiety and Fear can reverse a person’s attitude and beliefs. It also shows that Fear is present where faith exists. The issue isn’t whether its right or wrong to own a weapon ( not about second amendment now ).Let’s stay calm .

The issue is, are the actions we take consistent with our Faith that we profess ? In this “church lady ” case they obviously were not. I have not judged or sentenced her but only commenting on her own statements as an example.

The Lord does not expect us to sit or stand by idly and do nothing to protect ourselves , families and others when endangered. It’s important to stand firm in the confidence our beliefs and faith( trust) in God even in times of threat and danger.We should be governed by one truth as stated by Paul in Romans 14:23 ” For whatever is not Faith is sin “. Commitment to this principle even when threatened by danger and fear will result in the kind of self-defense that will not be offensive to God. Don’t violate your convictions.

Let’s not lose our faith and trust in God even in our darkest moments keeping in mind there some who constantly hawk and peddle Fear for their own gain at our expense. Let’s keep the Faith Immanuel with Us!



    I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. Take your fears to the Lord and He will transform your life.

    Its not impossible for believer to liver in faith and fear at the same time. There are times we struggle with God’s plan for us and God’s plan for the world allowing fear to cripple us at times. When life gets difficult to bear, we tend to forget God’s relationship with us, he promise never to give more than we bear.

    Isaiah 12. I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, The Lord, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. Our faith in God is our freedom from fear, if only we continue to seek it. For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, Romans 8:15 asserts, but you received the Spirit of sonship

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