A Surprise Entrance As The Sun Rises.
A Surprise Entrance As The Sun Rises.

A Surprise Entrance As The Sun Rises.

Dawn , the breaking of the day, darkness to marvelous light, new beginnings. See, a proper name can be a nickname as well. Dawn is my middle name, but because of my determination not to remain a minute over 4:25 am EST that Sunday morning of the best month of the year!. my middle name got changed to Dawn as a result of my sudden arrival, Camille was my original middle name. Twenty five years later Camille became my daughter’s middle name.

What’s the story behind your nickname?

I was called by my middle name Dawn by all I love it. I give my mother and grand mother great praise for my name and nickname as the same. I have most and I mean most traits of the meaning of the word dawn.

I have been given another nickname which became more attached in high school,university and my çareer it went leaps and bounds until now, it’s true to my personality its a trait that’s not for everyone, you have to be born with it,has helped me to be an effect leader in my secular career, church leadership role and interaction with people.I don’t have a problem with my nicknames .It is what it is .Nicknames have meaning or purpose. It’s a shortcut from your full name or character.

Remember I have no lot nor part in neither my birth names nor nicknames.I was named based on their observations ,views, discernment and my actions well the action part I play a small part but nevertheless it is what it is, got to love our names nicknames, they tell a story. If a nickname is demeaning or derogatory it should not be entertained. Believe it or not nicknames can be seen as affectionate,funny ,codes , satire ,witty.

Still wondering what my other nickname is ?I don’t think so,anyway I will do blog on my other nickname.That is where the story is !eyes on the page!

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    Nickname reflect how we are seen view others and mirrors how the person see themselves as stated above. Sometimes our names are too long and there are times when just want our name to sound more friendly. When we give a person a nickname, we should take a note of the person reaction to that name. There are times we are given nickname by others with derogatory meaning , because they feel inferior about themselves, while they are the one with a problem or poor self image looking to build up their self esteem.

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