Made To Be Creative In A Modern World .
Made To Be Creative In A Modern World .

Made To Be Creative In A Modern World .

God has given man his creative ability, but modern technology- the result of his creativity has the potential to be both good and bad to humanity. Man must know how to make a choice between good and bad.

Ecclesiastes 7: 29 . Lo , this only have I found, that God hath made man up right, but they have sought out many inventions.

Do you know it is very important to understand the difference between the two concepts of modern and modernism?

Modern refers to recentness or newness of a tool ,garment, a car,or technology. There is nothing naturally or morally right or good about me owning a car thats twenty years old. Nor nothing wrong with me owning a car that is a most recent model.

Modernism is another name for liberalism in theology. It takes the cornerstones of truth and frames them into a new spin in attempting to change the Word of God. Modernism substitute the powerless words of man’s wisdom for the timeless expressions of the Scriptures.

The Modern World : There are new technologies introduced and or advanced daily. The obsolescence of yesterday’s technologies and revolutionary concepts are today’s junkyard ideas.

Advancement of Wisdom The world has experienced great increase of knowledge in the past century. Consider where our world was year or decade ago. When we read or look at the past without a doubt we recognize the phenomenal growth of knowledge and advancement of technology. It is easy to see changes that have taken place in the last year but consider how people lived before way back in the past. History has recorded man has gone from horses to automobiles to airplanes and from candles and oil lamps to electric lights. Changes has been more dramatic in the past two hundred years than any other recorded time in history.

Looking back at history who would have imagined that sound and pictures could be transmitted through the air and received by distant devices? Who would have thought that sounds captured on magnetic tape recorder to be played back time and again.? Let’s take it further did you think that magnetic tape would be replaced by digital chips? Did you predict that analog devices of 70s and 80s would be replaced by digital equipment of today?

We recognize today that there is an ongoing acceleration of knowledge and technology.With this great advancement old ideas often become extinct. We welcome and embrace the use of technology over the years which has made it possible for better quality of living.We would refer to some of these as “cutting edge” There is nothing wrong with technology used properly with guidelines in place. As Christians we know right from wrong based on scriptures and our conscience.

Today we know that with all the great inventions advancements there is much more to be desired when it comes to moral issues or spirituality. Kindness, crime, corruption,injustice, mixed up moods and attitudes and the list goes on.These are human flaws and and cannot be blamed on the advancement of knowledge and technology.

God gave man an amazing mind to create, invent and design many things to promote and benefit his fellow men also to spread the gospel and glorify God. Any Church that is against modern advancement and technology, twists the scriptures to justify their own personal belief that’s a cult and is just as bad modernism.

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