Words, Wallets, And Works.
Words, Wallets, And Works.

Words, Wallets, And Works.

What doth it profit,my brethren,though a man say he hath faith, and have not works ? ( James 2:14 ) Faith without works is dead.

James is declaring here in his second chapter of the epistle, that true faith is demonstrated by good works.( faith without works is dead ) James is saying it’s worthless to tell a fellow believer and or unbeliever who is hungry and destitute, ” Jesus loves you and so do I, pray God will help you , I am praying for you too ,” and then offer no assistance whatsoever,it makes no sense to feel sorry for them if it’s in your power to help .

We must back up what we say with thoughtful and helpful deeds. Glowing expressions of sympathy, come to Jesus call that has no actions, are vain and empty. What a hungry and clothesless person need is food and clothing. Reading scriptures and speaking kind words to them will not feed nor clothe them,if it’s winter they will not be warm. If you are in a position to give what is required for the situation then help .

There were two Christian men who ran into each other on the street one said to the other ” I wish you’d pray for one of my relatives ,sickness as put them into a financial bind they are in deep and could use a lot of help . I feel so sorry for them “

The other man who knew the man requesting prayer for his relative financial woes had thousands of dollars and in a position to help his own relatives. Pointedly responded, “Carl I see that you feel sorrow for your relatives sickness and financial bind but do you feel for them in the right place , I mean in your billfold?”

Many people suffering both physically and mentally do need genuine help and encouragement, our faith and Christ honoring good works can provide some help. Remember there are times when the wallet is involved with the kind words of encouragement and scriptures If we sincerely feel empathy in the right place for the hungry and destitute .Let’s be the helper to the helpless in times of desperate need. What we preach is best made clear by what we practice.


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