“I acknowledged my sins unto thee and my iniquities I have not hid I said I will confess my transgressions unto the LORD and thou forgavest the iniquities of my sin”. Selah. ( Psalms 32 :5) David did some terrible things but he found out that confession to God brings forgiveness and deliverance. We also have the same privilege with God .

Confession is the soil in which forgiveness grows and flourishes with God and man.We do offend others sometimes but we should be willing to admit make right and be free. We cannot be praying and confessing to God but great at justifying ourselves that we have done nothing wrong to others. Let’s be great at admitting and apologizing sincerely if and when we are at fault with others .

This morning I read the above Psalms then a story I had read came to mind. A Prince was traveling through France visited the arsenal of Toulon where prisoners were kept. Because of his nobility he was given permission by the prison commandant to release one of the condemned men. So the Prince went from cell to cell asking why they were there.Cell by cell he kept going and getting the same response.

They all declared their innocence,telling him that they had suffered great injustice, false accusations and great oppressions. Finally he came to one prisoner who gave a completly different response from the other prisoners

The Confession, “My lord ” the man said, I want to be free but I am guilty. I have done many crimes and I have nothing else to say except that I deserve to be here. “

Prince listened carefully then in a very loud voice that could be heard by all the other prisoners he said to the man who had confessed “You despicable wretch! what a pity that you should be among so many honest and innocent men. By your own confession you are bad enough to corrupt all of them.You are not fit to be among them, you shall not stay another day here “

Turning to the officer the prince said ” This is the man . Release him at once !” Maybe by keen insight the prince knew that all the other men were guilty but the one who admitted that he was guilty and truly sorry would receive his mercy and granted freedom.

People who qualify for God’s forgiveness and freedom are those who realize their need for God’s grace and mercy. ” Jesus said ” I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” ( Mark 2:17).

If we sincerely admit whatever condition we find ourselves in we can claim the benefits of Jesus Christ shed blood that is sufficient to cleanse even the worst and wicked person. Yes , Christ righteousness is free to all who will admit their sins and trust Him for forgiveness and Freedom. Confession and repentance does it all the time.

Confession does not only relates to God it affects our physical and mental well-being.Got to let go of guilt,shame,some dark secrets,hurts .They are just hindrance to our happiness and growth. Somethings are not worth taking to the grave they will take us to the grave quicker .


  1. You see I very much like the topic “Forgiveness” and really wish everyone has enough insight and understanding about it. I was having a conversation sometimes ago about my having difficulties going back and continuing my relationship with God like I used to, and this was because I did something and felt I was “too unclean” to even go before the presence of God. The Bible verse he quoted that struck a chord was Hebrews 4:16, the verse says to come to the throne with confidence even in sin. It took me awhile but I did it later on and I can tell you when you confess your sins and ask for forgiveness, there’s this deliverance and release sincere requests for forgiveness has that has to discovered individually, I’m sure that was why David was a man after God’s heart because despite all the atrocities he committed, he understood the hold of forgiveness and was able to use it.

    Thank you again for this beautiful piece, I pray your oil of understanding never dries.


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