Greatness is Serving.
Greatness is Serving.

Greatness is Serving.

What is it that makes a person great in God’s sight.? What is it that causes God to view with great pleasure the lives of certain individuals? That which makes me great in the community does not necessarily make me great in God’s sight,as human we often ignore the things that God considers great.

The king of Babylon made Daniel a great man and gave him many responsibilities , because the king recognized special qualities in him. “Then the king made Daniel a great man, and gave him many great gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and chief of the governors over all the wise men of Babylon “(Daniel 2:48).

Great in the God’s sight long before the king of Babylon ” made “Daniel great.

Daniel had an”excellent spirit “(Daniel 5:12; 6:3), he had a made up mind to do what was right and pleasing to God regardless of his circumstances. (Daniel 1:8). These characteristics Daniel had made him great in God’s sight way before king of Babylon realized Daniel’s fine and excellent qualities.

The “great woman” of Shunem.

This woman living in Shunem was maybe insignificant in the eyes of the community but the Scriptures called her “great woman ” and to Elisha the prophet and to God she was great. She was great because of her thoughtfulness and care for the prophet of God.

“And it fell on a day that Elisha passed to Shunem was a great woman; and she constrainted him to eat bread. And so it was that as oft as he passed by he turned in thither to eat bread.“( 11 Kings 4:8 ).

The Shunammite woman valued the office and the presence of Elisha a prophet of God so she made room for Elisha in her home.In doing good for Elisha she pleased God and His prophet. A simple room and a meal,but it’s always and will forever be “thoughtfulness and caring,” means much to all of us.

Doing good deeds for others out of a heart of love compassion pleases both God and the individual. It really does not matter how much of a Christian I profess to be but self-centered and thoughtless towards others,it means absolutely nothing. Ministering to the needs of others puts me in a proper position to please God and man.

So there are two main areas that must be established in my life,for greatness in God’s eyes. First my personal commitment to values and characteristics which pleases God, that’s the foundation for greatness. Second when my heart is sincerely intuned with God’s values I will unselfishly have love,compassion ministering to the poor and needy willingly.

“But whosoever will be great among you ,let him be your minister.” (Matthew 20:26 ).


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  2. Tisome

    Its very encouraging know our greatness is defined in God. He gives all men abilities to be to succeed, using these gifts to best others glorifies God, reflecting his character.


    I believe that true greatness is about humility. When we are motivated by self-interest , self-indulgence, a false sense of self-suffuciency to purse selfish ambition for the purpose of self glorification. We are not seeking to serve other, but what we can accomplish. I believe true grateness is serving other for the glory of God. What the Shunammite woman did for Elisha was for God to get the glory. She didn’t have an agenda. She had everything and she already give up on having children. That which she did for Elisha was out of reverence for God. In Mark 10:35-37 can we say that James and John was seeking fame and glory?

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