Course of Action.
Course of Action.

Course of Action.

What strategies do you use to increase comfort in your daily life?

Self-care,self-control and Self-constraint to gain and maintain physical and mental health. It starts with the physical healthy condition of the body that influences the mind and spirit. A healthy and well kept body promotes a healthy sound mind and an excellent spirit.” Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are” – French author and another “Let food be thy Medicine “Hippocrates. It starts and ends with the physical body comforts.It not easy but no pain no gain.The best course of action is to tackle an issue from its source.

The body promotes health strength and vitality its housed all vital organs soft tissues skeletal structure the skin is the largest organ and very important. My family and I take a holistic approach both in medicine and nutrition by practicing healthy eating habits ,organic fruits vegetables grains raw,fish , poultry and eggs free range,nothing fried, no diary products,natural vitamin supplements. Vitamins are only supplements nutritious food natural salt and sugar keys in the food group.

The Skin is the largest organ of the body and the first indication of ill health .Self-care practices besides the daily routines,natural milk soaking baths once per month adding essential oils, salts,foot soak baths once or twice weekly, ears,hands and feet massage daily for proper circulation.Circulation is important,life is in the blood,respiratory and immune systems are crucial for physical and mental health.

Detoxing the body regular is very important it rids the body of any built up waste,regular flushing of colon small intestines ,the kidneys function as the transmission of the body,kidney flushes are necessary thats number on my detoxing list. Most illness starts in colon or with the kidneys it’s better to practice prevention than cure, There is herbal detoxing ,raw vegetable juices, natural fruits and grains juices fasting also cleans the body and improves digestion.

Exercise,Sleep,Breathing and Meditation very important for strengthening the body,building the immune system,undisturbed sleep allows the body to heal itself as created to do. Regular exercise promotes restful sleep and proper circulation. Breathing and meditation done regularly works wonders for the physical body influencing of the mind and spirit mental wellness.

The body is the physical vessel where physical activities are experienced. It houses our vital organs and our senses,it needs to be healthy supporting the body, mind and spirit connection. When all three are intertwined and in good health we are able to experience the sensory benefits. We experience a fulfilling life personal growth healing for body mind and spirit. It takes constraints and self-control, commitment and consistency to achieve the desired comfort of physical and mental health. Again these are my personal strategies.

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    Having daily habits or routines will help one achieve their goals in life, weather it’s relationship, health, career, love ones etc… Having a sense of peace and reduction of stress will help one feel motivated and a boost for success

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